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Using onion for cancer treatment

there documentary evidence that the bow was used to maintain the strength of slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids.

The chemical composition of onion discovered vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, C, calcium and phosphorus fitotsindy, citric and malic acid, various sugars - glucose, sucrose, fructose, maltose.The unique combination of these substances in the same plant contributes to their best assimilation.For example, calcium is better absorbed when taken with vitamin C. Due to the content of sugars, such as glucose, onion has a high energy value.If not fitotsindy that in a large number of caustic contained in the essential oil of onion, that would be sweet to the taste.

Due to its unique composition of onions, as recognized now not only in folk medicine has the properties for the treatment and prevention of cancer.As proved in the course of research in areas where the daily diet of people there is enough raw onion, the level of cancer is much lower.The history of medicine is described a case where the patient

was able to cure cancer in just 2 weeks, eating only onion and garlic.Englishman F.Chichesteru diagnosed with stomach cancer.According to doctors, the patient would die within less than a month.He decided to go for the last time in the mountains, as he was an avid mountain climber.In the mountains, he was hit by an avalanche while staying at the lodge, Chichester had to eat only those products that had remained.When rescuers found Chichester, he had lost weight, but the hospital did not find any more signs of his fatal disease.Subsequently Chichester famously made an unprecedented single journey, sail around the world on an inflatable boat.

using a bow for cancer treatment described by Austrian healer Rudolf Broysa.He offered onion soup recipe that you want to use to everyone cured of cancer.Recipe Rudolf Broysa is that cooking onion soup is taken large onion, cut into small pieces that need with the husk.The bulb is fried in vegetable oil until golden brown and cooked in 0.5 liters of water.Onions should seethe.This broth is added meatless vegetable soup.The resulting mixture should drain, as the author strongly recommends prescription use only liquid broth without onions.This onion soup Broysu should be transparent.

In some cases, use onion soup with raw onion.This dish is very rich in organic calcium compounds, and effectively used to treat osteoporosis and rapid healing of fractures.

tumor growth suspensive effect on them of vitamins A and C, in addition to the onion for cancer treatment is recommended to eat raw and cooked carrots, beets and other vegetables rich in these vitamins.

When using a bow for cancer treatment is recommended to eat during meals twice a day, one small onion.It can be added to salads with sour cream or sunflower oil, because fats contribute to a better absorption of vitamin A. Do as alcohol tincture of onion, which is taken 3 times a day for 1 teaspoon of half an hour before a meal.On one part of the chopped onion take 20 parts of alcohol.For external tumors applied shredded onions, mixed with sunflower oil or butter.You can also lubricate the tumor alcohol tincture of onion.

The greatest healing properties has sprouted onion.It should be slightly to release pens.If the length of the feathers is more than 5-7 cm, most of the nutrients will leave the bulbs in them, and she starts to dry onion or rot.

the treatment of cancer and to prevent it, pay attention to your food does not contain carcinogenic substances.Carcinogenic properties are additive E-131, 142, 153, 211, 213, 219, 280, 281, 283 and 330. Among these substances is aspartame.It can be found in beverages such as cola.Aspartame stimulates growth of existing tumors.

Note that to use onion contraindicated in people with severe kidney disease, liver and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Contained in onions glycosides affect the activity of the heart, so the use of onion in large quantities is contraindicated as the people with the presence of cardiovascular disease.

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