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Anastasia fascinated by new lover

new lover Anastasia Volochkova solves its problems

Bought 39-year-old ballerina chic house required a lot of energy to everything.And to cope with it on their own at the actress did not succeed.

I sat on the stairs in his plush new home, dream and cry of despair, - says Anastasia.- It was a shame that there is no close male shoulder to lean on, someone who will embrace and say: "Do not worry, I'll decide."

And at this period of his life with her was suddenly the man who indeed was able to solve its problems.That's just the name of the new beau blond call does not want his photo in no hurry to show the social network.

Volochkova is proud that she earned at home.However, she admitted that it is very difficult to deal with everything alone, and she was tired of being strong.When Nastya was quite desperate, she suddenly met someone who learned of her difficulties, took care of all the construction and repair.

Anastasia admits that she understand the problems fell on her she would not have succeeded.A

lthough she considers herself a strong woman, she was much calmer when the next one who can tell us not only about their feelings, but also the difficulties.

new lover makes a useful and exquisite gifts - vases, carpets and curtains, helping to equip a home for Anastasia and her daughter Ariadne.Ballerina fascinated her boyfriend and says that it is of such a harmonious relationship and dreamed.

Anastasia believes that man will not be subordinate and remake a woman, loving without conditions and requirements.Harmony in a pair that are both trying to do something nice for each other without any reminders.

She said she recently woke up especially early to cook for your favorite coffee, but went down to the kitchen, found that he was waiting for her with a freshly prepared drink.According to Anastasia Volochkova, it is love.