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Underwater reefs antibiotic: benefit or harm

From personal experience

happens without antibiotics just can not do, for example, for the prevention of postoperative complications or chronic inflammatory processes, but, unfortunately, modern doctors often spend antibiotics without apparent reason, so to speak"a safety net".Personally, I faced myself, even repeatedly, that with such irrational prescribing.One time I prescribe antibiotics at 37, 4 and supposedly red throat, much to the surprise, the temperature dropped to usually come monthly.The doctor did not even ask, can I take some hormonal drug, which can cause elevated temperatures.At the hospital, my nine-month child pinned antibiotics at high temperature and red throat, ignoring the fact that the baby be cut four upper teeth simultaneously.During pregnancy, bronchitis antibiotics prescribed me with the words: "Do you want to pneumonia?!".Fortunately, I did not drink antibiotics and cured with folk remedies.But my baby completely broken chair that we restored for two weeks after discharge

from the hospital on their own.

pros and cons, benefits or harm

In fact, for treatment with antibiotics should be a clear basis, that is, a situation in which no antibiotics just can not do.Use of antibiotics are just only when they are assigned to it by absolute indications.

When antibiotic treatment is suppressed by its own immune system, that is, the body becomes more susceptible to infectious diseases.Therefore, after such treatment requires special rehabilitation therapy.First of all, walking outdoors, reception of vitamins (preference for natural products), physical charge and so on. D. Killing bacteria, antibiotics destroy beneficial microflora and the body, contributing to the development of dysbiosis.Note that dysbacteriosis may develop both the intestine and the vagina, however common in women in developing antibiotic against vaginal candidiasis, also called thrush.

Underwater reefs antibiotic lie deeper.Nerratsionalnoe and improper use of antibiotics leads to the fact that the body gets used to the drug, more bacteria mutate and become immune to this kind of treatment.That is, the benefits of antibiotic therapy is often much less of the inflicted damage.

When the use of antibiotics is inappropriate and unhelpful?

Keep in mind that antibiotics are often simply impractical.When the drugs should not be used in this group?

· When SARS and influenza, as these conditions are caused by viruses against which antibiotics are powerless.

· In inflammatory processes, fever - antibiotics are not anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agents.

· When you cough, as causes of cough may be a viral infection or an allergy, asthma.However, in pneumonia without antibiotics is indispensable.

· When intestinal disorders should be remembered that even food poisoning can be caused by viruses, toxins and themselves from disease-causing bacteria.

Benefit or harm of antibiotic therapy?The answer to this question is very clear.Antibiotics should be taken only when the benefits of their use will be higher than the damage inflicted by the disease.And never self-medicate.Antibiotics should appoint a doctor on strict conditions, and if you're taking antibiotics, you must follow the scheme, said the doctor.Should not be treated independently, guided only by instructions to the drug, it's your health that money can not buy.

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