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The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis visited Disneyland

Lily-Rose was initially very unhappy appearance reporters.However, later simply stopped paying attention to them.Lily was accompanied by her friend.All the girls were dressed in gray svinshoty Disneyland with inscriptions and images of Mickey Mouse, but later removed them, remained in the lungs T-shirts.Judging by the photos of the paparazzi, the company had a good time riding a roller coaster, rides and attractions in the service as the Mad Hatter and the caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland."On the pages of girlfriends in Instagram photo also appeared to rest.

its 16th anniversary Lily-Rose celebrated with friends.To them, she made a costume party, which appeared in the pale pink dress and a little crown.After that the family dinner in Los Angeles restaurant Ago, which, except for the girl's parents, and the young husband attended Depp, Amber Heard.As is well known by many in the press notes, Amber found a common language with the stepdaughter, and they are well communicate with each o
ther, but with Vanessa Paradis have Hurd strained relationship.

daughter of Johnny Depp captivates the fashion world

This spring, in early April, the parade for the first time Lily-Rose brought out to show Chanel Metiers d'Art.The new cruise collection in New York showed Karl Lagerfeld.Depp's daughter opted for a secular event light blue, beaded dress from Chanel, consisting of pencil skirts with silver belt, a small stamp and original decoration on the neck.Completes a square haircut and makeup, in which the emphasis was placed on the eye.

Young beauty of this growing secular lady - behaves modestly, but with pleasure poses for the camera.It is impossible not to note the similarity of the girl with her famous mother.Recent news show that Lily-Rose waiting for a good future, if not in the fashion industry, so in the world of cinema.Recently, along with his father, she starred in the movie "Lovers of yoga."

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