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Accepted man sleeping pills

Insomnia. Insomnia - disturbed sleep.A person suffering from insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, sleep surface, restless, waking up during the night or very early.

And if these symptoms are combined, then life becomes a nightmare, and the person to fall asleep ready to accept anything.Accepted man sleeping pills are saving, because swallowing a sleeping pill, over time, come sleep, although not very calm and healthy.

There is a phrase: "to forget heavy sleep."But part of the sleeping pills works this way.But despite this, people continue to use them, so it's still worth to know: how to use them, and in general it necessary?these drugs affect the human body?

Hypnotics. Hypnotic Latin translates as "hypnotic" and it's not just because of the god of sleep with ancient Greece and Rome, called Hypnos.Specialists so called as sleep-inducing drugs and the means for its length and quality.Sometimes sleeping pills are used as an anesthetic.

Hypnotics should only be taken on doctor's advice, as all these d

rugs are potent.After all, only a doctor can determine how much and what preparation do you need to take the man to the adoption of the drug benefit.A wrong as the drug itself and the dosage can harm the body.

Modern sleeping pills

Today, modern medicine can offer a large number of sleeping pills.

Sedatives - are artificial and / or natural sedatives that facilitate the onset of sleep and deepen it.

Barbiturates - means a narcotic that can be addictive, they also depress the nervous system.

benzodiazepines - a depressant that can inhibit the functioning of the nervous system, can cause physical and even drug addiction.

often take sleeping pills: flurazepam - administered with frequent awakenings during the night, difficulty with sleep onset, to extend the duration of sleep;triazolam - a hypnotic and sedative;Temazepam - prescribed for insomnia, sleep disorders, disorders of the nervous system.These funds are the benzodiazepines, and all are potent agents.

Hypnotics: harm to human health

Although sleeping pills sometimes necessary, however, they are dangerous not only for health, but even for life.And when you consider that each person is unique in its nature, then all is strictly forbidden to advise same medication that you are taking friends.In giving advice, you certainly want to help this man, but this advice may be the cause of the disease, and sometimes even cause death.Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration, but such cases are taking place.

Appointment sleeping pills Sleeping pills

appoint a doctor, and usually no more than 1-2 tablets at night, treatment can range from one day to several weeks.Experts rarely prescribe sleeping pills for a long time, because you may receive dependency.Patients themselves are responsible for this, as in most cases, patients seek medical attention when they become unbearable.Of course, the expert difficult to cope with a state of neglect, applying gentle way, so do not bring herself "to handle", and then missed a sleeping pill and thus rely on incompetent doctors.

dependence on sleeping pills

As many studies show, often sleeping pills a person takes unreasonably.For example, your doctor has prescribed sleeping pills for a certain time.A person continues to resort to it, although the desired results, every time, once faced with insomnia, and does not attempt to solve this problem by other methods.Meanwhile, the need to stop in the evening to eat tonic drinks, coffee, strong tea.Do not overwork, not excited, but it is best to increase physical activity during the day and in the evening to walk in the street.Do not forget, and to change the diet.By following these simple tips, insomnia leave you.But for some drink tablet easier than with all such factors.Meanwhile, the usual dose of sleeping pills have no effect on the man, and he increases the dose.What happens then, for sure everybody understands.

addictive sleeping pills, but does not solve the problem of insomnia.The human condition is aggravated, and even the most competent experts sometimes do not know what to do with him.

alternative to sleeping pills

modern market of drugs ready to offer an alternative to sleeping pills - pills that normalize sleep.The basis of such tablets are usually taken vegetable raw materials - hawthorn, poppy seeds, pollen, passion.Taking them you can get rid of insomnia begin to sleep, and thus no relationship.

Such tablets calming effect on the nervous system, dilates blood vessels, reduce anxiety, relieve spasms.And if in the tablet have pollen, it will improve the blood, displays excess cholesterol, improve digestion.

Taking pills can both young and old people: high mental stress, irritability, stress.Accepted drugs washed down with water, and drink before going to bed as long as the condition does not improve.Although these pills are safe, but without a doctor's advice should not be taken.

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