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Propolis extract water Hey Pee Wee

aqueous extract of propolis Hey Pee Wee, which is based on bee products, has a unique properties.Recently, the latest technology got a pretty serious distribution, and production of the extract 'Hey Pee Wee' - a vivid example.The aqueous extract of propolis is so gentle consistency that it can be instilled in the nose, and, if necessary, in the eye.Keep in mind that this extract can not be made independently.

propolis extract water is recommended as a tonic in infectious diseases.Also it is used and ulcerous illnesses of different origin.For the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases propolisovy extract "Hey Pee Wee '' is used internally.And if you mix it with honey extract, it can be achieved simply amazing results.But this drink can only drink on an empty stomach.

dosage may appoint only a doctor, and then, after a study the whole picture of your health.Water extract of propolis is very effective to quickly and permanently improve the body's immunity.This is especially true autumn-winter period, whe

n the risk of acute respiratory infections and other infectious diseases unusually increases.

This drug can also be used as a preventive measure.It will not catch colds infections and avoid complications after a viral illness.It is useful to dig a water extract of propolis in the nose.This will not only destroy all pathogens, but also to get rid of a cold without harming the nasal mucosa.It is worth noting that relapse after such treatment almost completely eliminated.

Doctors use propolis extract water in ophthalmic practice.It is used in the treatment of many diseases, when there is a deviation from the norm.The extract of propolis on the water 'Hey Pee Wee' is used as eye drops to clear a skin and eye saturate it with vitamins.This drug is truly miraculous.Its unique composition helps to heal cataracts at the initial stage of the disease.

I must say, the impact of the drug on people completely individually.This personality is expressed in several factors.This major is often used as an extract and how intoxicated organism as a whole.Dear doctor involved ophthalmologists believe that if the aqueous extract of propolis to dig into his eyes, you can get rid of many, even chronic diseases.This drug with its unique properties is simply irreplaceable in the treatment of hyperopia and myopia.

propolis extract has an antibacterial effect.It helps to suppress the growth and spread of microflora, contributing to the development of tuberculosis.This medication is used to treat skin diseases, including lichen.According to its anti-fungal properties propolisovy extract active against fungi Candida and Aspergillus families.As an antiviral drug, an extract of propolis is similar in its action with such means as interferon.

necessary to say a few words about the anesthetic properties of aqueous propolis extract.Its action in more than 5 times greater than the effect of novocaine.Many practitioners physicians celebrated its successful application for reduction of hyperactivity of the human body in case of allergic reactions.

Properties propolis extract versatile, exclusive and unique.It is these properties are widely used by physicians in various fields of medicine.This drug is effective in the treatment of hearing loss.In the process of healing using impregnated means turundy.Propolis extract water use and ear inflammation.

Apply propolis extract water can be everything.It can be used in the treatment of any disease.It is also suitable for older people and athletes, and pregnant ladies, and people who are often on the road.As a part of this unique product is absolutely no alcohol, this explains the diversity of its use and application.If you have any gynecological problems propolis extract also often recommended.It has beneficial effect on the inflammatory foci when applied topically in the form of baths or douching.

unique properties and diversity of application draws to an aqueous extract propolisovomu attention on the part of physicians, scientists and ordinary citizens.The results of treatment with this product of beekeeping dazzling.We can already say with certainty that this product has a great future.Its use is sure to bring joy and health to many and many people.Try this medication and - be healthy!