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How to prevent stress?

stress often arises due to the fact that little thought overworked and we simply no time to rest.Furthermore, set aside time to rest you need to, not when you have valites feet and peredglazami all doubles, it is desirable to leave a little time for a break.As byvy were not loaded, try to be distracted from work every hour, carrying non-working space at least 5 minutes.But if you select the currently more than 10 minutes, etobudet not rest, and evasion of work.

short break can be filled skollegami socializing, drinking while freshly brewed tea or coffee.Five minutes allocated for the rest of each working hours - not an axiom, and kazhdogoetot period may vary.No matter how much you nuzhnootdyhat, be careful to leave in time for a break, without waiting vasnakroyut wave of fatigue.

Allow stressful situation and help a diary in which you describe the problems that concern you in particular momentyvremeni.Try to pour out on paper all your experiences, thoughts of negative emotions.Here you can descri

be and possible ways out of the situation without fear chtokto some begin to doubt your competence or will ask extra voprosy.Pomnite that the paper can endure, and you will certainly become easier.

Write down on paper all the problems that vasvolnuyut, and try to organize them on the two lists.In the first of nihpust will solve the problem in the second - those whose resolution is independent from you.It is clear that for matters in which you can razobratsyasamostoyatelno can be taken immediately, but others prostopostaraytes troubles out of my head.Doing this simple manipulation, vypoymete that stress if not held at all, then he retreated.

long ago proved that if a person okruzhaetporyadok, and the stress to it visited by significantly less.So if you neotnosites ideal for lovers of order, should reconsider their point of view, and after a while you will see that the order in matters directly related sporyadkom head.If you have accumulated a lot of the apartment rubbish, select a day or two and spend them on spring cleaning.Only in this case uvas make space for really important things, and you will realize that zhiznnalazhivaetsya.

To implement this idea in practice mozhnovzyat rule pay all bills within a specific number of kazhdogomesyatsa things lay in its place, a job left in polnomporyadke.If you often do not remember where I put the keys, scroll to nihotdelnuyu shelf;If you forget when you need to pass the planned tehosmotravtomobilya, create a reminder in your mobile phone and after korotkogovremeni you will be surprised how easy it is to solve the problems that you raneekazalis extremely difficult.

relax and deal with stress, and can be with help of special exercises, which have beneficial effects Kaknau body and the mind.These include exercises and so nazyvaemyypalming.Your actions should be limited to the following: you must poteretladoni until until you feel that the skin on them warmer.Heritage step is to attach to warm hands, eyes closed, and vypochuvstvuete how energy flows.As you can see, this exercise predelnoprostoe and make it possible almost anywhere.

Calm down and helps fight stress walk, during which do not allow yourself to think about the bad, try to forget oproblemah.Returning home or office, you will feel that the cargo navalivshihsyazadach not so great.

Thinking about the problems, try to give imobektivnye evaluation.So, if you can not understand how important dlyavas is this or that problem, try to imagine that you will dumate it in a few months.It is possible that it will take a month or two and vyvovse forget that because of what you currently have stress occurs.

To learn objectively otsenivatproblemy, try everything you care about, written in diary iperechityvayte their essays a week or two.You agree that most chastzadach to you is no longer relevant.So was it worth so much because of their experience?

you remember what the child most of the time?That's right, play!So why can not enjoy the igrv more adult?Try to remember the youth and go to the shooting range ilipoigrat football.But here there is a limitation: it is not necessary to deal with stress, sitting out for hours playing computer games - they will only aggravate the situation.

Share blizkimilyudmi with positive emotions.Remember when you told your husband that you love him?Apoluchayut whether enough caresses your children?Hug them more often, and you'll see chtovse problems such moments recede into the background.

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