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As the voice affects people?

Everyone must have noticed that a voice is pleasant to him, someone indifferent, and some vovseskazal and only one word, but it has already caused anger and hostility.A estnastolko skilled speaker who by saying a few words to enchant every person who hears them.

How can affect the tone golosana others?

Voice - it's one of nemnogihopoznavatelnyh characteristics that distinguishes each person from vsehostalnyh.For voice, we will be able to accurately identify the familiar, even seeing ego.Interesno that even in some modern voice yavlyaetsyasvoeobraznym banks is the key to the safe.

has learned ipsihologam scientists in joint research on how well chelovekvybiraet voice timbre and frequency depends on the impression he makes naokruzhayuschih.

If we talk about too vysokomgolose, such a voice often annoys people as unbalanced and prinadlezhitcheloveku young, inexperienced and hysterical.Such people tend to occupy lower positions and are not credible at sobesednikov.Navernoe, many men notice that

women in the age if they want kazatsyamolozhe, trying to change the tone of your voice, making it more sonorous.Takoepovedenie often displays a companion of itself.

People who have low tembrgolosa cause more trust from them and breathes reliability and experience, as well as sexuality, if rechidet about the opposite sex.That is why, if a man has a low priyatnyygolos, it is popular among women.

Why do people change their intonation vprotsesse conversation?

First sleduetzametit that the tone of voice can be understood as the sides are drugk other.If a person reduces the tone of voice, it speaks of sympathy for the man, the desire to convince him to their cause.If the source doubted vashihslovah, you can hear the question in his voice.

to convince an opponent who does not want to agree with your opinion, it is desirable to make svoygolos soft and calm.If the tone of voice rises, goes to "squeal" etoznachit that people irritated and unsure of himself.

is especially important to be able vladetsobstvennym voice, if a person works with people negotiates isobesedovaniya.Experienced psychologists will be able to teach this technique to at zhelaniichelovek could affect the person or not let him vozdeystvovatna itself.

What does the style of speech rights?

If the interviewee bezotvetstvennyyi indecisive, it is immediately noticeable from his words - he always makes different upotreblyaetmezhdometiya pause between words.

If a person tries to escape otproblem and troubles, he often speaks different phrases using particle "not" .Pravda, more and more people pursuing negative.

right words encourage kdeystviyam

Who would have thought, but slovanuzhno use very well, since they use the wrong vyriskuete cause a person negative and set it against yourself.If slovabudut chosen correctly and beautifully put it with the intonation itembra, you will be able to achieve the desired response from the person or solutions.

What words cause negative?

When talking to chelovekomstaraytes not use such words and phrases as: never, usually, you unfollow, I can not, you do not need, you should not, and similar expressions.The conversation, in which there are similar words, I want to finish as soon as possible, is unlikely lisobesednik wish to communicate with you for a long time and even more so to find a compromise.

If you are in an uncomfortable situatsiyui want to avoid questioning interlocutor, try to confuse him.To use etogoneobhodimo clarifying terms and specific verbs.For example: "Do you remember a few months ago, when we went to the movies, we saw each other, skotorym I sat at a desk in school, and then studied together at the institute.Takvot, he gave it to my girlfriend's birthday, which we celebrated her nadache, a beautiful bouquet of roses. "Hearing such a full explanation, sobesednikustanet, confused, and most likely wish to end the conversation.

If you want to sobesednikzainteresovalsya your conversation, it is better to use in sentences passivnyyzalog.You can talk in short phrases that intrigue interlocutor.If a person will express "I am disappointed," he probably will inquire, "Why?".

to dialogue was successful, vydolzhny ask the person his opinion, get involved in your problem.Govoritetak to the other party had to ask you specific questions.Thus, it is imbued with a problem, feel involved in your life.

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