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Relaxing exercises to control emotions

Usually, each of us every day lives vpostoyannom stress, the reasons which may be quite different: nervotrepkapo work, not all gone wrong in his personal life, problems with friends, etc.Often mnogimiz us without sedation, even for a few minutes it is impossible to lie down and zadremat.Iskhodya of all this, is still to find alternative methods kotoryepomogut out of this state.Gymnastics, which you smozhetekontrolirovat his emotions - what you need!

So, if you felt the emotional overload, mynastoyatelno recommend two or three times a week in the evenings etotunikalny perform a set of exercises.Based on the ancient yoga techniques, it obyazatelnopomozhet you just 20 minutes to remove the accumulated muscle tension, privestisvoi thoughts in complete order and calm sleep.

should be noted that all of the following exercises, always be performed in the supine on a bed or couch position low-volume podzvuki relaxing music (for these purposes is perfect shumdozhdya, the singing of birds, the rustle of th

e forest foliage, or the noise of the surf ocean waves).Takzhestoit noted that this complex should be carried out under the "guidance" vashihpozitivnyh thoughts and memories.It is not necessary at the time of exercise overflowing svoyrazum negative or twofold thoughts and feelings!

Exercise 1

sure to lie down on your back (by the way, is strictly prohibited the use of pillows!), Close your eyes, pull straight and evenly hand that they are along the body and neskolkominut as evenly as possible and breathe deeply.By the way, at this moment neobhodimoobyazatelno imagine something that makes us the most positive emotions ipolozhitelnye.Breathe in through your nose, exhale - through the mouth.Once the contrary: inhale through the mouth and exhale - through the nose!

Exercise 2

continue to breathe evenly while slowly but strongly we need to squeeze his left hand, obrazovavkulak, straining the whole line out and mentally count to seven.Then so zhenikuda slowly, we relax the hand and return to our original polozhenie.Dannoe exercise recommended to perform twice for each hand!

Exercise 3

Now we take a left foot legs and pull her to him ponapravleniyu.At the same time we must not forget to involve the muscles of the calf and yagoditsputem their direct voltage.Again, you need to count mentally dosemi.This exercise is necessary for each of the legs to repeat twice.

Exercise 4

We should use the pelvic muscles, straining them.To this end, we have to raise your pelvis imyslenno count to have our favorite number "seven"!This exercise nuzhnopovtorit in the amount of three times.

Exercise 5

We need to stoop, then much strain their shoulders Izata tear them away from the bed.To exercise kakmozhno got better, you need at the moment of lifting the shoulders to imagine that we are drawn up.Avot now on the count of eight, we fully relax and finally vozvraschaemsyav original position.Repeat this exercise must be not less than eight times.

Exercise 6

We have a very strong and significantly stretch the neck muscles and etotmoment lift his head.Then on through eight, we have to go back viskhodnoe position.Repeat the exercise three times is recommended.

Exercise 7

proceed to the muscles of the face.We raise eyebrows and how to silneenapryagaem muscles of the forehead.After seven seconds, fully relaxing.Now namnuzhno with all his strength greatly narrow eyes, and after seven seconds vernutsyav original position.Clenches his lips.This should be done so that nashiguby were clenched.At this very moment it is required rather pozitivnopostaratsya smile.After seven minutes, you can relax.Again irovno breathe calmly.

If completely full set of exercises bylvypolnen correctly, you will certainly be able to experience complete and glubokoerasslablenie.And in the blink of an eye will be able to immerse themselves in a peaceful and bezzabotnyyson.So do not be lazy to pay quite a bit of time on etotgimnastichesky complex, and your emotional state will always be stable and sustainable kstressovym situations!

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