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The impact of self-health

Osobennostisamootsenki that affect the behavior

Imagine for a moment a man, insecure, afraid to make a mistake kotoryypostoyanno absolutely not ready for criticism and any drugimslozhnostyam.According to psychologists, such a person is not tolkoemotsionalno weak, but physically.People who are trying by all means izbegatsituatsy, where they will be criticized or other situations where they budutchuvstvovat yourself at ease, get sick more often.This is due to the fact that the disease is on the subconscious seen people like the ability to hide, to wait out the storm, to sit, to once again not to make a mistake.Thus disease, people with low self-esteem who are in postoyannoytrevoge in difficult situations often occur fizicheskiesimptomy: inflammation of the nose and throat, fever, and the complexity of podobnoe.Dopolnitelnaya also that diseases caused by psihologicheskiminarusheniyami, to treat more complex and oftendisease becomes re-stage as to deal with the cause of the disease is always more diff

icult than with samoyboleznyu.

Uncertainty lowers immunity, a person also stanovitsyazametno dependent on the opinions of the people around him.They believe he trusts namnogochasche than his.


Afraid of making the wrong decision, unsure sebechelovek simply does not bear responsibility, shifting all the problems Spaulders others.Often, these people prefer not predprinimatnikakih action, hoping that everything will calm down and very soboy.Odnako refusal to address the problems often entails other equally opasnyeposledstviya.Such people begin health problems.Such people vsegdaprenebregayut preventive measures because they believe it neeffektivnym.Vmesto they begin to be treated at a time when the disease is manifested sebeznat fully.

People with low self-esteem and less energy zhiznennoyenergii because they have very little positive emotions.Moreover, a person feels insecure, all the time to restrain themselves and avoid proyavleniyalyuboy activity does not break out of its energy.In rezultateenergeticheskogo exchange does not occur, and permanent stagnation of energy leads kproblemam health, causing a person is at risk.

Features self-esteem, which affect the emotional state

People with low self-esteem more often jealous azavist - feeling bad.It carries a fairly destructive power.Soglasnodannym studies conducted by psychologists, is often envious drugihispytyvayut problems with the spleen, liver and stomach.Hence the vyrazheniezhelchny people.

insecure people suffer from excess weight.On fonepostoyannyh experiences they either strongly grow thin, or vice versa, mnogolishnego gaining weight.

Fear is inherent in all people, and people with zanizhennoysamootsenkoy especially lead to common diseases such as bowel disease iserdechno circulatory system.

These people are reduced protective functions of the body.The reason for weak immunity nizkoyaktivnosti, because the man who lishniyraz afraid to make a move, do not develop active, resulting in reduced time immunitetso.Such people predpochtutotsidetsya away than to take an active part in solving the problem.

constant expectation of the unknown, or any situation, unto which will have to take independent decisions does not rasslabitsyacheloveku.The man is in postoyannompsihologicheskom voltage.This, in turn, leads to problems ssustavami and spine, which develops vrezultate arthrosis, arthritis, menistsit chondrosis.

Danger ponizhennoysamootsenki

have insecurity is another big minus.These lyudmilegko manipulate because it is easier to carry someone else's orders than svoisobstvennye.At the same time, people with low self-esteem, who realize that they are being manipulated, begin to feel depressed as a result chegovoznikayut various diseases, mental disorders and comes chuvstvodepressii.

Sociologists proved that people are uncertain chastoneudovletvoreny their place of work and the salary they receive.As a result, their standard of living decreases as the financial condition of the effect on the quality of rest, food, entertainment, and takdalee.

self-esteem and health

emotional state and physiological state tesnosvyazany.Avoiding responsibility, decision-making in various slozhnyhsituatsiyah, we, in turn, begin to limit themselves in dvigatelnoyaktivnosti, causing stagnation in the joints, lungs, general lethargy and snizhenietonusa.

Summarizing all the above, we can polnoyuverennostyu say that uncertainty - one of the causes of aging.Isleduetsya understand that forcing to move your body in producing sebeuverennost, improving the overall physical condition of the body, we make ourselves boleeustoychivymi to stress and become active participants in public life.

Perhaps it is now time when nuzhnovospryanut spirit, go to the gym, start taking care of themselves and razvivatuverennost.This is a sure way to maintain vitality and always ostavatsyamolodym.

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