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When the children can begin to give pork

Intense Lure, in addition to breast milk in infants begins with the seventh month after the birth.Already in the eighth month, nutritionists are not only allowed, but also encouraged to provide in the diet of baby food meat, usually meat, chopped pureed and always in conjunction with the already mastered the baby mashed vegetables.

Meat is a valuable source of animal protein and minerals (potassium, iron, phosphorus).Many parents prefer to start complementary feeding baby with the most 'diet' and tender turkey meat.In any case, each "grade" meat sample must be separately starting with ½ teaspoon of meat sauce.After all, meat, as well as any new product for the child, can cause allergic reactions.Over time, the baby can enrich the diet of lean veal or beef, pork (not fat, but lean).Decent variety meat menu can provide the rabbit or chicken meat, as well as language.Features and traditions of individual regions allow you to add to the diet of meat ingredients such as horsemeat and venison.

Some parents are wary of the introduction in the diet of baby pork, preferring it to beef or chicken.However, it should be remembered that the veal and chicken meat, when included in a children's menu also require caution.The child, who developed a clear intolerance to cow's milk, veal is better not to give.Poultry meat, in some cases, also provoke allergic reactions in infants.In such cases, the meat diet of the child recommended to include pork since the age of eight months.

Some people believe that pork is in itself contains a lot of histamine, which can cause allergic reactions in small children.This is true, perhaps, only in relation to fatty meat.If parents suspect an allergy, an introduction to the menu baby pig meat can be briefly delayed.Gentle pig meat in small quantities may be a little to give a 10-month age.

completely abandon meat in any case should not, as unfounded vegetarianism in baby food entails violations in the development of the entire body of the child.In the most serious cases, the consequence of non-meat food becomes underdevelopment of the brain with the danger of progressive dementia.Not well founded in this regard, is the view that a child can get absolutely everything needed for the growth and development of cereals, nuts, soy, seeds and vegetables, and meat should be ignored, as it is - just a more affordable and cheaper theirsubstitute.

an eight-month age gastrointestinal digestive tract baby is ready to cope with the digestion of meat, this contributes to a preparatory six-week period, other foods, for new baby, dishes.

children with low hemoglobin levels or signs of rickets meat must be entered before the due date.In view of the special medical conditions are encouraged to provide meat to lure 6 months.Infants transferred to artificial feeding, and compensate for the lack of nutrients, if their diet gradually introduced meat.

Thus, beginning with an 8-mimesyachnogo age (and with specific indications possibly earlier), and until the child is 2-3 years of pork in all its forms, and, of course, in reasonable amounts, canbe put into your child's diet.

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