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Harm heated food

Meanwhile, heat the food, especially the food, "vzbodrennaya" in a microwave oven is not only useful, but, on the contrary, is very harmful!Most people are discussing occurred "suddenly" health problems are not even aware that their cause is in constant use of the heated food.

doctors strongly advise all of us to put a rule: eat only freshly prepared food!However, the happy owners of the microwave (not disappear as bought goodness!), Every day open the door to their own ailments.

harm heated food repeatedly proven in experiments on mice.Feeding exclusively heated food accidents resulting animals to premature death.Such food does not get the required material for intensive cell renewal of the organism.Necessary for metabolism ingredients found only in fresh dishes.They are destroyed from cooking, even outside the microwave, "under normal conditions" during the first few hours.

In a situation of time trouble, often accompanied by a slight stress when the human body is already not located in digestion,

much more useful to cook for yourself fresh vegetable salad.Warms up, difficult to prepare meals, readily absorbed "on the run" in a calm situation, perhaps, would have spoiled us much appetite.

Back in the 70s it has been proven that microwaves accelerate the decay products, change their elemental composition, quite simply, they are not doing what they were originally.

Use "modified" so that the products (no better to demonize modern public consciousness GMOs), is fraught with not only indigestion, but the dysfunction of the lymphatic system.This weakens the body's resistance against malignant neoplasms (in common parlance - cancer).Statistically proven that a growing number of cancer cells in human blood, eating "on the microwave."Carcinogens found in large amounts in the milk and cereals, and especially - in the previously cooked meat, have been in microwave ovens.Precipitating cancer free radicals are formed particularly intense in raw root vegetables.

total degeneration of the peripheral tissue, the destruction of the digestive system and outputting, the growth of malignant tumors of the stomach and intestine was detected in a significant number of people always use such unsafe miracle of modern technology.

digestibility of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E needed to succeed in life minerals and lipotropics (substances that accelerate the breakdown of fats in the body) - all suffered the majority of adherents heated in a microwave oven products.Microwave field next to the stove and cause discomfort, and then serious health problems.

Microwave ovens heat the food by initiating a process of molecular friction, with the destroyed complex molecules of vitamins, suffering and saturation of natural phytonutrients products (herbal remedies).And can be a useful food, does not contain more nutrients?Tasty and healthy food is converted microwave, speaking in the language of teenagers in "havchik" is not more useful than a piece of asphalt roadway.It was found that microwave heating can reduce the nutritional value of foods just 3% of the original!

effects that microwave ovens can have on the human body, quite understood, although many studies are not widely publicized.United bodily nature of living organisms, similar chemical, cellular composition suggest that the mutation products of something similar to the processes that occur invisibly under the influence of microwaves in our body.