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How to wean from night feedings

If the child is breastfed, the night feeding may take a long time.For bottle-everything is different, they wean much earlier: some kids in the three months do not wake up at night to eat.Regardless of when my mother decided to wean the child from the night feeding, she should know some rules.

first step - is to consult a pediatrician.If your baby is gaining weight is bad, then give up night feedings are not worth it, because at night the tide of milk increases, which means that the child eats his fill.However, if the baby overweight, cancel night feeding is possible.When a normal weight mother can decide herself - to wean or not.

How to wean your baby eat at night?

There are some not very sophisticated ways to wean the baby from the night feedings.These methods are suitable for children who are fed with breast milk, and for those who feed formula.

order to wean the child to eat at night, increase the number of feedings in the daytime.The day the child should get the amount of milk that he had cons

umed per day.The last feeding before bed should be firm.As a rule, the child often eats at night in those situations where it lacks the afternoon milk.It happens that young mothers are very busy household chores and for a time to forget about your child.If this situation has become the norm, the child will often wake up at night and demanding to be fed.Since the child wants to remedy the lack of maternal attention.If the mother went to work early, and then all day sees her child, and then the baby will often wake up at night.

If the evening the child goes to bed early, even when the parents are not going to sleep, then, before you go to sleep, wake up mum cost of the child and feed him.Then the baby will sleep longer, and my mother will get a long rest.In extreme cases, the child will wake my mother at one time less than usual.

If the child is more than a year, and his mother is going to wean from night feeding, then the child can be placed in another room.The best option, if in another room with the baby will sleep an older sister or brother.Then the kid turned his attention to a new environment and quickly forget about the night feedings.Alternatively, you can talk with your child and explain to him that he drank milk during the day and at night because there is nothing there.At this age the child is already quite receptive to the words.

When the child stops eating at night?

Of course, every child is unique and specific time when the baby no longer needs the night feeding, no.However, when something this period still come.As practice shows, from the night feedings young mothers get tired much earlier than this is not necessary in children.According to experts before you start to wean the baby from feeding at night, you should create all the necessary conditions for this, it should be gently and gradually.In no case, the child should not suffer because of the fact that it no longer receives a portion of food at night.By weaning can begin already from the moment when the child is five or six months.At this age, a child can easily transfer such deprivation.Maybe a couple of nights sleeping baby will not give to their parents, will require a breast or a mixture, but after two weeks, as a rule, to wean the child.

If the child throughout the night sucks the breast, it does not indicate that he was very hungry.Often it is said that he had not fully received the attention of the mother, that is,he thus satisfy their emotional needs.This situation can arise not only in the infant, toddler and older than one year.In this case, you must establish communication with the baby during the day - more than talk, to play, to take the hand.

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