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Conditions of storage of breast milk

What to consider when storing expressed breast milk

Storage of expressed breast milk is determined by its number.Storage and collection of breast milk from a woman requires a certain care and knowledge.Store breast milk can be different.It depends on how long you want to keep your milk: for a couple of hours or until the next feeding, or want to save it for the long term.From the time the storage of expressed milk and conditions depend on storage.Another condition for the storage of breast milk is properly chosen dishes.

What kind of containers to choose to store expressed breast milk

First of all, you need to express milk into a clean container.Capacity should be tightly closed.Based on recent studies, a tank for storing breast milk may be a plastic or glass.In such containers breast milk can be stored without compromising quality of its composition.

But in the first place are still vessels of glass, then of hard clear plastic (polycarbonate), and the last - polypropylene (plastic opaque).If

the child is drinking your milk occasionally, it does not really matter what material the container is made.In this case, the type of container has no adverse effect on milk composition.

important factor when choosing a container for storage of breast milk is easy to use.For example, plastic bags take up little space and can be connected to some breast pumps.However, frozen joints they can burst and thawing may leak the contents of the package.Therefore, long-term storage in disposable plastic bags is not recommended.

Terms of breast milk storage

to the conditions of storage of expressed breast milk are presented fairly demanding.After the milk - a perfect environment for the growth and development of pathogenic organisms.Therefore it is necessary to protect your child from intestinal infections.To do this you need to know and follow the rules of storage of expressed milk.They are as follows:

  • use milk that is decanted sterile breast pump;
  • package must be sealed (in an open dish milk can not be stored);
  • term breast milk storage at room temperature is 6 hours, and may be stored in the refrigerator 48 hours (but not in the refrigerator);
  • term storage in a freezer, which is located inside the refrigerator and has a separate door - 2 weeks;
  • in the freezer with a separate door - up to 4 months (depending on the frequency of door openings);
  • in a separate freezer and frozen at a constant temperature - and more than 6 months;
  • freeze the milk immediately after pumping, keep in the back of the freezer and on the container label must stick to the date when it was decanted milk;
  • before freezing for one hour (or 2) to cool the milk in a refrigerator;
  • store the milk in the refrigerator after thawing can be up to 24 hours, but you can not re-freeze;
  • Store unused once warmed milk (and even more so to use it) can not be;
  • topped expressed breast milk is warm to cold should not be, first refrigerate it and only then drain;
  • not freeze milk that will be stored no more than 8 days after decanting, keep better in the fridge (so you save a maximum of nutrients).

If the milk does not meet the terms and conditions of storage - relentlessly pour it.No regrets dispose of dangerous microbes.

if the conditions of storage of milk, the baby will always be provided with precious breast milk.This ensures your child good health and normal development.

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