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Fear has big eyes: a guide to phobias

Panfobiya - constant fear for an unknown reason

Panfobiya seen as strahaprisutstviya some obscure and unknown evil.In meditsinskihspravochnikah this phobia is not registered.

aelurophobia - fear of cats

This phobia each manifested in different ways.Some people, something kotoryekogda affected by cats, then they are afraid all the time, and some are afraid nachinayutsya only when there is a threat of an attack.Here are some situations that cause fear: a cat purring, many people think that cat mozhetnapast on the street, running this kind of cat, the cat in the picture, the thought that you can stay with a cat in a dark room alone, fear of animal fur, cat toy.

acrophobia - fear of heights

People who are afraid to be on top, once observed at takiesimptomy dizziness and nausea.If at a high altitude dizzy, Toet normal in terms of physiology.But all this is acrophobia vbolshuyu inflate the problem and then panic fear even little height kogdanevozmozhno fall.

anthophobia - fear of flo


not understand this fear of flowers.Most people who suffer from this phobia, fear not all the colors, and some species and mostly potted flowers.

Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

Arachnophobia - is the most common phobia when paukoobraznyh.Krome fear that some people are not afraid of the spider and its image.

Verminofobiya - fear of bacteria, microbes

Verminofobiya very common in psychiatry, boyaznzabolet some illness, fear of insects, worms, bacteria and mikrobov.Sam Nicholas II and Mayakovsky were the owners of this phobia.Very often kompaniipo producing detergents, body care products, vacuum cleaners ispolzuyutetu fear of people to offer anti-microbial agents that they slovamsposobny kill all bacteria.Typically, these microbes are not dangerous to humans, nestradayuschego various diseases and antimicrobial agents udalyayuttolko of the microorganisms.In the human body there are only samyezhiznesposobnye and resistant bacteria that are very difficult to fight.Kogdamikroby disappear, the immune system weakens, because it is nothing borotsya.Ona becomes weak and can not protect the human body from infections.

blood phobia - fear of blood

blood phobia - is obsessive state, carrying a strong character prividitsya fear of blood, not only among themselves but also other people, and even on television.It vsesoprovozhdaetsya palpitations, trembling, pale complexion, and inogdadazhe loss of consciousness, like a weak and for strong healthy people.

herpetophobia - fear of reptiles, snakes, reptiles

herpetophobia - phobia, in which people are afraid of lizards and snakes.And such sluchaibyvayut very often.Different people have different manifestations of this phobia.Nekotoryekogda see a snake, just uncomfortable, and others - chuvstvuyutpanichesky fear that binds them all.There are cases when the snake kartinkaili picture is more fear than before this special.

gephyrophobia - fear of bridges

gephyrophobia - a psychological disorder that is caused by fear peredmostami.People who are afraid to think that the bridge could collapse, explode or broke in half.Therefore, they try to avoid their desyatoydorogoy.Some experts say that this fear arises from the boyaznivysoty.

hydrophobic - fear of pain on swallowing water or any other liquid.

Glossofobiya - boyaznpublichnogo performances

fear of public speaking - this is when a person is afraid to go stsenu.Eta phobia is one of the most common.The symptoms of this phobia: tremors, heart palpitations, sweating, tremors of the lips, trembling voice, nausea, tightness of the vocal cords, etc.There are times when stage fright stanovitsyachastyu common mental health problems, but most people are afraid of the scene bezkakih any other psychological problems.According to statistics, 95% of people boyatsyavystupat to the public.

Claustrophobia - this is when people are afraid of closed or close prostranstva.Eta phobia is considered fairly common.

Agoraphobia - fear of space, crowds, markets, public places, squares

Agoraphobia - this is when a person is upset psyche in contact votkrytoe space where a lot of people.It is a fear that appears narynkah, in open areas.Holders of this phobia say they do not know chegoozhidat from all these people, so feel fear.This fear appears vvide defense mechanism.In real life, this phobia can be vyzvanalyudmi, emotional trauma from the people, and all that is connected with this phobia lyudmi.Soprovozhdaetsya nervous disorders and mental illness.

Klimakofobiya (klimaktofobiya) - fear polestnitse walk, stairs

Klimakofobiya - is when people boyatsyahodit ladders, and fear of the subject and move on them.Ochenchasto happens that people are afraid of the stairs in certain situations, such as when it is wet or ice the, or missing handrails.People kotoryestradayut this phobia are afraid of an accident.It is accompanied by a phobia nevrozomnavyazchivyh states and psychasthenia.

Niktofobiya - fear of the dark

This fear comes from childhood noochen often people suffer from this phobia into adulthood.Niktofobiya - is a fear with which you can encounter especially vovzrosloy life.How to cope with this problem?Just sort out the samimsoboy, you need to understand exactly what you're afraid of the dark.

Koulrofobiya - fear of clowns

One Californian psychology professor found that small detinepravilno respond to people who have a normal body, but incomprehensible litso.Krome, the children did not like the design of schools and hospitals in klounskomstile.

Radiophobia - fear of radiation

Radiophobia (radiotrevozhnost) - Etonervnye mental and physiological disorders that sometimes trudnovylechit.It expresses the fear of various kinds of items that mogutizluchat radiation.There is also another concept radioeyforiya contrary - when lyudipolnostyu denied any radiation.

tafofobia - the fear of being buried alive, funeral

fear of being buried alive - is the fear peredpohoronami before funeral objects and the fear that the person pohoronyatzhivym.This is the most basic phobia of the human psyche.In the medical literature ipsihiatricheskoy said that the same mental rasstroystvavyzyvaet claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) and niktofobiya (fear peredtemnotoy).

technophobia - fear of technology

technophobia - a fear of modern technology and elektronnymiustroystvami.This phobia is seen in different nations.Some lyudiotkazyvayutsya general of any technology.Byvayutsluchai when new technologies are in conflict with the personal values ​​of people or sprivychnymi beliefs.