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Elijah Syndrome

Americans called the disease "Messi syndrome" from the English word «messi», which means "chaos, confusion."In addition, US scientists in the field of psychiatry Clark Meynkikar and Gray gave the disease another name - Diogenes syndrome or senile squalor zhesindrom.

sounds rude and unpleasant, but because myvsё still will use the article familiar to our ears - Plyushkina.Kstati syndrome, given that the disease is an obsession, then nuzhnoskazat that there are scientific, we can say its medical name-sillogomaniya.

The problem

essence of this syndrome is, kakmnogie know in gathering (collecting) and long-term storage bolshogokolichestva old and useless things, to put it bluntly, rubbish.Although perhaps for a man who keeps these things, they are valuable.Scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists believe that the syndrome may bytneskolko reasons and explanations.

Firstly, it could be perenesёnnayachelovekom early head injury, concussion or posledstviyaoperatsionnogo intervention.It's a phy

sical problem.Changes in the frontal doleprivodyat it to such consequences.

Secondly, on the face of a very vysokayastepen frugality and thrift.The man really believes that these veschimogut it more useful.This type sillogomanii can manifest itself not stricter elderly, as is commonly believed, but also young.

Third, there have been cases in which sindromPlyushkina handed down, along with the accumulated over the years, veschami.Zdes it is clear that there is not only a genetic predisposition, but ipsihologicheskaya injury, for example, a child who all his lifewatching "I am gathering" from their parents.

Fourth, the syndrome silnosopryazhёn with the fear of poverty.Many older people who have experienced golodnyegoda, blockade and war, are very afraid to go through that again.And therefore skladiruyutu own apartments, houses and cottages all in vain not to throw.Their mozhnoponyat, because many of these people have lived for years in a totalnogodefitsita later.However, sometimes it turns gathering vzagromozhdenie housing just rubbish, from which there is no use.

How to get rid of the syndrome of Elijah?

Naturally, this disease is not lechitsyastandartnymi methods and drugs.Treatment should only be a psychological support person, except travmygolovy or consequences of surgery.

No treatment should be carried out bezsoglasiya patient suffering from this syndrome.But many of these lyudeysovershenno acknowledge their sick or mentally unstable and otkazyvayutsyaot any help.The only thing you can do for people with sillogomaniey- is to try to correct their behavior and to send a "gathering" in the right direction.

You may be able to find a way to leave kakpomoch man with accumulated stuff safely.For example, can be found on the Internet weight communities where there are people who need vomnogih things.You can convince a person to distribute all things if he was sorry for their prostovybrosit.Thus, we can bring tangible benefits to themselves and drugimlyudyam.

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