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Asperger's syndrome

Determine at first glance a person suffering from Asperger's syndrome, or as it is called "the disease of autism spectrum" is almost impossible.These people have no visible abnormalities, notice the presence of the disease is possible only in the process of communication.The medical sources the syndrome is classified as impaired social interaction, which directly affects the normal functioning of the individual in the course of his life.

main difficulties

must know that people with Asperger's syndrome can lead a very normal and full life while creating optimum conditions for them.Though some scientists, and believe that the syndrome may have a lot in common with autism as people with Asperger syndrome can be mentally retarded, but the overall picture shows that the still greater disorder refers to a disorder of social interaction.Many people who have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in childhood, as they grow older, more and more adapted to life in the community and some of the symptoms fade i

nto the background.

In fact, the main difficulties these people are as follows:

  • difficulty with social imagination - they can not understand in full, what other people say, can not imagine the further course of events, and the relationship, it is hard to interpretthoughts and feelings of others.People with Asperger's syndrome understand everything literally, do not respond to a joke and did not perceive the meaning of set expressions (phraseology and aphorisms)
  • difficulties with social interaction - these people may want to communicate, but due to his illness, they are constantly experiencing such difficulties.They are hard to tie friendships, can not always keep the conversation can begin to speak in perfectly suspended topic or asking inappropriate questions.Often, people with Asperger's afraid of other people that may be too harsh, and come close to the other person to behave incorrectly or to move away from any and all causes.
  • difficulty with social communication - these people are not always able to understand facial expressions, tone of voice and intonation of others.Speaking unpronounceable word (for example, scientific terms) or making complex sentences, they may not fully understand their meaning.

The rest of these people may have a rich imagination, talent, and even become prominent artists, doctors, lawyers and so on.The level of intelligence, often not less than the other, completely healthy.Sometimes he reaches a level above the average.Language skills of people in most cases do not differ from other people's skills.In addition, people with Asperger syndrome can be hung up on one particular object or phenomenon and study it deeper and deeper.In industries in which it is necessary to perform automated actions, day after day, doing the same routine work, such people can also achieve success.

Distinguishing features

People who have been diagnosed with "Asperger's syndrome" still can be distinguished from the crowd on certain grounds other than those for which they reveal only in the process of communication.These features include: enthusiasm for a certain subject, the emergence of such a hobby that pays people all the time, the pursuit of collecting, sensory difficulties (problems with sensation, sight, smell and other senses), love of order, and scheduled to a certain course of life.

In the first case, a passion for being able to reach not only the intelligence and skills, but also to establish social interaction, even if the human fascination in some way connected with the people or society.This "obsession" may develop into a deep study, and later in the profession.As for the love of the definite plan and order, it could just simply get rid of people with autism spectrum disorder by stress and fear, because they see us and the world differently, with their own eyes, and it seems to them, in most cases frightening.

Sensory problems can manifest themselves in a highly, or on the contrary, in the underdeveloped sight, smell, hearing.For example, very loud sounds, bright colors can cause fear or stress voltage.Also, these people have difficulty feeling your body, poorly oriented in space, does not always correlate how close can go to the other.Also frequent are those who can not bear the touch, people with an autism spectrum disorder can experience real pain from such touch.

possible cure?

The disease is usually diagnosed in childhood and people have to live with it all his life.Sometimes growing up people get rid of some of the symptoms, but cure the syndrome completely impossible.Drugs that could "cure" today does not exist.Perhaps only the use of non-pharmacological methods that do not cure but can support a person in a state of maximum approached to human health.These methods can improve the quality of life and help them to develop communication skills and ability.These methods include: cognitive-behavioral therapy, physiotherapy to improve motor coordination, social skills training.If necessary, as is the treatment of related diseases, such as stress, depression, neurosis.