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When the nerves to the limit

«... now so bad nerves ... just psihovannayastala, sharply reacting to everything, constantly snarls and screaming at all, notice Chthon answer questions rude, rude ... cease to control themselves ...". Podobnymislovami characterize their condition, women and girls who have lost control of nadsvoim condition or on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

vesmaslozhnye times and difficult situations as a basis for the negative perception of the world ipovedeniya.Sometimes the same routine, bad weather, downed hormones and lack of understanding of family and friends can "put out of yourself."

Takoesostoyanie mentality detrimental to the body.Very often mozhnonablyudat hair loss, some time after silnogoperezhivaniya or stress, deterioration of the skin;often arise problemys bodies and organ systems.


Ponizhennayakontsentratsiya attention, fatigue, tendency to tearfulness, depression, sleep disorders, aggressiveness when dealing with other people, different kind of tingling in the hands an

d feet, heart rhythm disruptions.Takimiterminami characterize the complaints of patients, doctors, therapists and neurologists.

meditsinskoypraktike The most frequent diagnosis among patients seeking medical advice on szhalobami nervous condition are fatigue or asthenia syndrome, chronic fatigue isindrom.

Pervyyharakterizuetsya stable condition vpovsednevnoy inadequate fatigue life, reducing the amount of energy required to privychnogoritma work and normal functioning of the body.This also otnosyatsyaotsutstvie any motivation, decreased attention and memory rasstroystvaseksualnoy function and sleep, increased sensitivity to sound and light.

second zhesindrom - constant feeling of fatigue, fever or chills when sohraneniinormalnoy body temperature, pain in muscles and joints, head, povyshennoyustalostyu (more than 1 day) after the usual work.

How can that be?What to do?

very chastodazhe doctors can not establish the real cause, the source opisannyhsimptomov.In addition, many of us buy drugs in pharmacies clearly marked sedative action, which greatly reduces the "taste" samoyzhizni, and reducing the rate of reaction and sensitivity, including the priyatnymmomentam.Furthermore, the tablets have only a temporary effect and mogutznachitelno affect other organs (liver).

«Sedative pills tried to drink, just do not help anything ... I sleep for only four hours can no longer ...» often wrong actions are counterproductive.Acting naprichinu not, and consequently, rarely achieve substantial results.

Sovershennotochno clear that doing something is necessary: ​​how to prevent, and in uhudsheniinervnogo state.Oddly enough, for the majority of people who are using obraschayutsyaza to neurologists, found a lack of vitamin B1, kotoryyneobhodim nerve cells.Thus, the intake of this vitamin significantly uluchshitsamochuvstvie.

However, it is certainly not easy.The fact that the water-soluble vitamin, and this in svoyuochered significantly (by 95%) reduces its bioavailability - amount of substance that is absorbed by the nerve cell.Today, there are drugs kotoryeimeyut basically fat-soluble derivative of vitamin B1 that znachitelnouvelichivaet bioavailability.Now it is almost 100%, not 5.Odnim of drugs such action is Milgamma advantage kotorogozaklyuchaetsya also in the formation of a balance between the level of vitamin B1 and vitaminomV6 (they are inversely related: when the concentration of one ofthem in the body is sharply reduced content of another).When treating very vazhnone harm your body, so it is tenderly and carefully to nemuotnositsya and comply with all necessary regulations and drugihveschestv supplementation.

How not bring yourself to the bone?

razkazhdy How many of us have heard the advice of others "smenitobstanovku", "relax", "ignore", "learn how to manage themselves," "cry" and the like?Yet the most important advice ideystvitelno necessary and useful to do everything possible to not dovestisebya to peak, to a nervous breakdown.

stoitotnesti These are all ways to help you relax, feel sebyahorosho confidently.Here are a few tricks that could and should use in the doldrums moralnoysily and spirit.

  1. Relaxation.It is necessary to give yourself a few minutv privacy.Curtain the curtain, sit back and try rasslabitmyshtsy body, beginning with the feet and legs and gradually transferring heat up - to sheei head.Close your eyes and listen only to your body, it helps pochuvstvovatpolnoe relaxation and alternating voltage, while, for a few seconds, muscles, again, from the feet to the shoulders and neck.Smooth out all the wrinkles and creases there (voltage causes them to contract involuntarily), relax your hands razozhmitekulaki.
  2. Pay attention to your breath.Poprobuytezamedlit his rhythm, imagine that inflate a balloon, but not prostovozduhom that distinguish your lungs and all the negativity that leaves you skazhdym exhalation.Inhalation is - hold your ball and then inflate a new one.
  3. It is well known that classical music soothes, thereby reducing blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate.Poprobuytepostavit favorite music: Classical, or record the sounds of nature, noise dozhdyaili sea.Try to recall the best or just a pleasant momentysvoey life here can help photo, recording imagination.
  4. often helps to relax and receive a warm bath with foam, aromatic oil or salt.Immerse yourself in the wonderful aroma uslyshtevodu as it flows through your back or dripping from his fingertips.A zatemzavarite fragrant tea and enjoy every sip and inhale.
  5. Make a small acupressure: remember where you have tender points, click on them to relax.Maybe you estlyubimoe place for a massage?Like the upper third of the back, neck or feet?Then etimmetodom certainly not be neglected.
active way of dealing with stress
Perhaps etobyla group exercises and little tricks that help relieve stress, calm down.Sometimes it is to act in another way:
  1. scream, cry, loud stomping and hlopatv hands, something to break or tear (a sheet of paper, old tresnuvshayatarelka), include the loud, noisy, where a sharp music and throw emotsiiuzhe so.
  2. Try to tell yourself what your problema.Tochnoe formulation causes of failures makes you look for the right solution ikonstruktivnoe, tell yourself that all you get, ozvuchte method, the method that will help to correct the situation or to believe in themselves.
  3. can spend energy on negative movement: walking, biking or even cleaning (extra stuff always interfere iportyat mood).
  4. Laugh heartily with your favorite comedy, look like movie heroes experiencing difficult times and decide svoiproblemy laugh with this truly great and arms.
And finally, one more advice from a psychologist:
  1. Try to find a place where you feel sebyahorosho and easily.Dodge there sometimes, let your shelter will house vobyatiyah favorite or under the old birch tree, which are not so much priyatnyevospominaniya as sensation: comfort, warmth, strength.

Each nasznaet how difficult it is not to get out of ourselves, to remain calm iuderzhat balance.Someone knows how to behave, but someone should prochestparu-three articles and understand what is right for him, her.

Beregitesebya remember that health - is your biggest trump card in life.It glavnoei the only thing that is given to everyone, and that is so hard to keep.Fatigue, chronic fatigue - problems that have become part of our lives, nopoborot them and not let enter into their world - each task.Love ivzaimoponimanie always help you in difficult and challenging situations.

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