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Chef for a baby

Someone decided that you can relax?- And that's nothing!The time of the introduction of baby foods in the diet, increasing "culinary horizons" of the child.So twenty-four hours (or so) in the kitchen ensure you have the time, when a child is learning to eat on their own.

It seems nothing could be simpler: the right products cook, rub through a sieve or grind blender, feed your baby.But certainly every mother faces another problem: what products to choose foods?

choose the best.

If you really want to give your child the best and most useful food, the most loyal (though not the easiest) way - vegetables from his garden.You're sure to carrots, cabbage, potatoes with their own garden grown without any tinge of "chemistry", so definitely will not cause any harm to the child.If your time farm you do not, try to find out where the nearby sale of agricultural products located in your area.Folk wisdom "Where was born there and handy" in this case is valid as ever.

Try not to buy imported winter cauliflower, z
ucchini, etc., which, in spite of the beautiful appearance, hardly contain any nutrients.Do not we have said - all the time in these "non-seasonal" products for certain preservatives are present, allowing to increase the shelf life and preserve the trademark appearance.


puree choose the most beautiful and fresh vegetables.On the fruit should not be any points, dents and other defects.The first solid foods, usually consists of vegetables that do not contain crude fiber: carrots, cauliflower, zucchini.The first vegetable to be monocomponent lure.The mixture can be offered when the baby has already tried all the ingredients separately, of course, vegetables should be washed well, you can briefly scalded in a colander.

most important thing in complementary foods - soft, smooth texture, or a child who was not accustomed to solid food, simply would not have offered the dish.To achieve this texture, you can if you use a universal blender like MixSy, which in a matter of seconds, also without fanfare, mash, which is comparable to the consistency of canned "brothers."


gradually have to enter into the diet of a variety of baby cereal.Remember: the first cereals, you can try the child are rice or buckwheat.Any cereal must be carefully grind in a coffee grinder, resulting flour lay in already boiling water and simmer until fully cooked and leave to swell.For a perfect cooking utensils like Zepter: due to the special formula of the metal bottom and extra thick porridge in it to qualify as a real Russian oven, get soft, uniform consistency.Clover for the first feeding should be liquid: a teaspoon of cereal flour with 100 ml of water.After 1-2 weeks it is possible to increase the number of grains half.Oatmeal, semolina and other cereals containing gluten, can be gradually introduced into the diet of a child 10 months of age, carefully monitoring the condition of the child: the cereal rather difficult absorbed by the body, and in some cases even contraindicated child.

Generally, porridge is recommended to offer the baby after the vegetables and meat, asin many cereals contain phytin binding calcium salt, whereby this vital element slowly into the blood.


Meat products are included in the diet of most adults need protein of animal origin and for the full development of the child.However, the most difficult to meat is introduced into the lure, aslong absorbed by the body of the child.If you continue to breast feed your baby, you should not rush to lure meat.

first sample meat dishes to offer almost homeopathic doses - half a teaspoon.It is better to mix this portion in a vegetable puree, to which the baby is already well acquainted, and to monitor the reaction.The heaviest foods can make you remember the attacks of colic in a baby, so do not hurry to part with natural antispasmodics like Plantex they help relieve colic, caused by a change in diet.If the meat does not cause digestive disorders or allergies, you can just gradually increase the quantity.For the first feeding is best to choose rabbit meat, lamb or turkey.These types of meats like beef, pork, chicken, introduced into the diet after a year.In 10 months, the child can be cooked meatballs, and after a year - steam cutlets.

Just gradually introduced into the diet of a baby and other foods: cottage cheese, fruit juices, bread.The most important thing to remember: the first time any solid foods given in the smallest dose, each dish must have perfectly smooth consistency.Keep cooked or reheated for baby food should not ... be many hours in the kitchen to hold my mother until the child learns to have "adult" food.But right now we are laying the "foundation" of a child's health for a lifetime - and therefore the role of chefs the health of our kids absolutely loved burdensome!

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