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How to cook porridge for the baby?

Sostavlyayuschiekashi - a milk and cereal.Everyone knows that these products are very useful and tsennyesvoimi properties.The rump is very much carbohydrate (starch), they pridayutorganizmu power, energy, B vitamins, vegetable protein, iron, magnesium;moreover, they provide the body with dietary fibers, kotoryenam so necessary for the good work of the gastrointestinal tract.In molokesoderzhatsya valuable proteins, proteins that are superior to cereals, except it bogatomineralnymi salts and vitamins, and thus perfectly complements the structure of cereal.

Zachastuyukasha - this is the second lure a child who breastfeed.It is made in ratsionpriblizitelno 2-3 weeks after the first solid foods introduced - ovoschnoepyure, but it's somewhere in the five to six months.If you suddenly have a problem with the baby stulom- he is not steady, not gaining weight or constantly belches, togdavrach may recommend starting solid foods than with the first vegetable puree and a cereal.

For rebenkakasha is very impo

rtant, because it is such a bridge mezhduzhidkoy and solid food, which is why you need to lure her baby malenkimiportsiyami.On the first day poprobovatdat need one teaspoon, the second - no more than three or four teaspoons Iza week so you need to bring to the portion of 100-120 grams.This portion of porridge crumbs dolzhnazamenyat one full breast-feeding.Spoon-feed the child should be once a day, and it is best if you do it in the morning for breakfast.After etogomozhno porridge to drink yogurt, juice, or breast milk.

If vyreshili cook porridge for yourself, then you should know that at the beginning you need to eedelat liquid (5%).What does it mean?Five grams of flour or cereal 100 mlvody.After some time, somewhere toodnu two weeks you can begin to cook the porridge has a ten.To give you unbreakable his head vyschityvaniem number of grams of flour nekotoroekolichestvo water should clarify that for the preparation of five percent porridge vydolzhny spend a teaspoon of cereal flour 100 ml of milk or water, vosmiprotsentnoy porridge - 1.5 teaspoons per 100 ml of liquid, and desyatiprotsentnoy-two teaspoons of the same amount of liquid.You can add salt and sugar, this one is not forbidden.But remember that your taste porridge should be elesladkoy or salted insufficiently.Of course, you need to add oil to porridge, but only 5gramm per serving, no more.

several ways of cooking.If you decide to prigotovitkashu of cereal flour, then first it must be diluted with cold water in potomuzhe add hot milk and cook for about five minutes.If you are using dlyaprigotovleniya rump, then it is recommended that you horoshenkorazvarit on the water, and then pour in the boiling milk and boil until polnoygotovnosti.Cooked porridge a must rub through a sieve.

What cereals to choose for your baby?

most useful - it's oatmeal and buckwheat porridge.Because she is more than all other cereals are rich in protein and fiber, which are particularly useful and necessary for good funktsionirovaniyazheludochno tract.In corn and rice a lot of starch, kotoryypolezen body for energy.Third place on the utility takes mannayakrupa.But these cereals have sufficient vitamins minerals besides maize, it is rich in iron.When a child is already 6 months, then give him mozhnonachinat other cereals: barley, rye, wheat - they soderzhitsyaglyuten, of course, if the baby is not innate intolerance to this protein.

In addition, when choosing cereals, note that the figure has iobvolakivayuschim fixing properties;buckwheat and oatmeal are rich in fiber, so mogutvyzvat laxative effect;Corn neutral.Taking into account the peculiarities of each cereal, you ihcheredovat and even try to cook porridge mixed.For baby pink budutochen useful porridge, to which are added the pumpkin, carrot juice, apples, carrots.

Perhaps you find it strange that many pediatricians in the first year of life the baby porridge crumbs sovetuyutkormit industrial production.Shop porridge namnogoluchshe sterilized and recycled.For each category corresponding mineralnymisolyami they are enriched with vitamins and, furthermore, they contain iron and calcium.They netiskusstvennyh dyes, chemical additives, preservatives and stabilizatorov.Esche advantage is that you can add to the diet of baby cereals such kakrozh, corn and barley, and everyone knows that at home they are very trudnorazvarit.

Bolshayachast cereals, which are used in our country for child nutrition, privezenyiz abroad.Somehow, the domestic production is not so well represented in the market, although its beneficial sostavomnichem not inferior to foreign porridges, but there is one drawback - they need to cook.

Mnogiesovremennye cereals, which are represented by foreign companies have instantnoeprigotovlenie, that is, they do not need to cook.These cereals can be divided into 2 vida- dairy and dairy-free.To make milk porridge requires tolkovoda.Add butter, sugar, salt, and especially in milk which is not necessary.Tolkoesli baby not gaining weight or has a poor appetite, then rekomendatsiivracha can add two to three grams of butter per serving of cereal, chtobyuvelichit energy value of the product and to improve the taste.

Bezmolochnyekashi prepared with the addition of specialized milk for children pitaniya.Esli baby can not tolerate milk, then you can be diluted with water porridge, but sleduetotmetit that in such a case, the nutritional value of cereals will decline.

Slozhnostvybora cereals that they are prepared not only with water and milk, but also sraznymi additives.Many companies make porridge with natural additives: chocolate, honey, fruits, berries, caramel, hazelnuts, vegetables, banana.Mozhnovstretit even very interesting combinations, such as buckwheat, apricot, banana SMEDA and rice, buckwheat and quinces, chocolate-nut.Some companies produce smeshannyekashi.For example, grass and vegetable porridge of spinach, pumpkin, rice, leeks, wheat, cereal or five cereals.These cereals are mainly much tastier and polezneeostalnyh, but pay attention to the possibility of allergic reactions.

Kogdavybiraete porridge for the baby, is to focus on the child's preferences, financial resources and, of course, the recommendation of a pediatrician.

Osoboevnimanie in the selection should be given in the following nuances:

  • naupakovke have to be written, the contents of the cereal in Russian, so you can read and learn kakiepischevye substances are there and how many - so you opredelitekachestvo product.
  • manufacturer must provide details of the composition of the ingredients for 1 serving or present programs.This information is useful to you, so that you can determine naskolkoetot product is balanced and nutritious.
  • pripokupke pay attention to storage conditions and shelf life.

Naturally, when preparing porridge, follow the instructions that lists all the rules.Needless to plant porridge "by eye".Treat your child's diet serezno.Pediatry advised to buy porridge for babies in specialized magazinahdetskogo supply, clinics and aptekah.Ne need to do it in the markets, on ads, and other, non-smoking areas.Beware of improper storage conditions ipoddelok.