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How better to express breast milk

Hand expression of breast milk

Plus grudnogomoloka manual breast pump is that it does not injure the nipple.About how to properly etodelat better ask the doctor still in the maternity ward.You can nauchiti this coming home nurse.If you still reshilinauchitsya Hand expression alone, stick to our prostyhpravil that can facilitate the process and make it more comfortable.

produces hand stsezhivanienaibolee convenient when breast hangs down.Thus disease chest girth hand, the thumb is placed on the areola, and the index and sredniypod it.First of all take a few soft and intermittent massiruyuschihdvizheny from the base to the center of the chest.If need be, you can razmyatmolochnye passes through pressure on their fingertips, sozdavayavibratsiyu.Then you fingers rolled across the milky sines lying glubokopod areola, making progress and expressing milk into the prepared container.

Expressing breast milk through breast pump

Breast Pump is perfect temzhenschinam who have a need for a breast pum

p large kolichestvamoloka.My point of view - this method ochenudoben and also painless.For me at the time, and breast yavilsyaspasitelem perfect companion.In the first days after birth when pervoemoloko only began to appear, chest very quickly became fossilized tyazheloy.Stsezhivanie hands and gave me incredible pain, and milk became vsebolshe and more, causing physical discomfort.Then relatives srochnomporyadke brought me to the maternity hospital breast pump.To this day I can not forget what he gave me comfort, how to get rid of painful sensations.With pomoschyumolokootsosa I quickly cope with the difficulties and calmly prodolzhilakormlenie her child.

Today the market is represented neobychaynoshiroky range of breast pumps, so choose the naiboleepodhodyaschy not make much effort.

consider the principle of operation, for example, one of the types of manual breast pump.Manual breast pump can be predstavlenv a glass tube with a rubber bulb at the tip.The second end trubkiimeet extended basis.This is done so that you can easily ohvatitne only the nipple, and the adjacent part of the female breast.For stsezhivaniyamoloka by first clicking pear deflated, then tightly cover the tube shirokimkontsom peripapillary region and release the bulb.Takoedeystvie performed several times.Then you will see how grudvtyagivaetsya the tube, and it implies the milk.

Expressing breast milk by the "warm bottleĀ»

And as noted above, you can express grudnoemoloko by "warm the bottle."This method is considered to be gentle, it becomes especially important in tight nipples and engorgement.Rassmotrimprintsip this method.

Prepare shirokimgorlyshkom bottle with a minimum diameter of 3 cm and a volume of 700 ml.Thoroughly wash the area.Then fill the bottle with hot water, allow to stand eynekotoroe time and then discarded.Then the neck is cooled and immediately applied to zheplotno peripapillary area to its sealed bottle zakryla.Po as vessel is cooled, the nipple is retracted into the neck and the milk nachinaetotdelyatsya.As the milk flow weakens, the bottle is removed.The procedure is performed several times before polnogostsezhivaniya milk.

If you experience potrebnostv the repeated pumping, implement it at intervals of 2-3 hours, not to unnecessarily traumatize the chest.

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