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Greens in child nutrition

When giving the baby greens?

Already at the age of eight months should start to add to the diet of baby spinach, fennel, rhubarb and parsley.Fresh kids often do not like to eat this grass.That is why not add it to the pervyeblyuda.You can also chop zelens a blender, mix with the vegetables and broth and give the child a myasnympyure.

In poltoragodika can offer crumbs to eat salads.Chop the parsley, cilantro, dill, lettuce and season it all with lemon juice, vegetable oil and nebolshimkolichestvom hardboiled yolk crushed.Vashemurebenku like?Wonderful!If a pipsqueak does not recognize the greens then try klastpetrushku in rice with fresh tomatoes and cheese or pasta.So vaspoluchitsya delicious warm salad.If in such a case could not ugoditmalyshu, then mix the stuffing with herbs and cook burgers.

Osoboevnimanie should be given to wash greens - it must be done correctly.Just spolosnutpuchok under running water is not enough, because you can not wash away all gryaz.Vozmite large cup and return to

green leaves so that they're free-floating.Thus each leaf of violence, specks float to the surface, agryaz and earth sink to the bottom.To do this you need three times.Now sleduetpogruzit grass in a colander, rinse and allow to drain water.Now you can nachinatgotovit!

Parsley in a child's diet

This travabogata its content of trace elements and vitamins, so the kids really vazhnovklyuchat it in the diet.

In petrushkesoderzhatsya vitamins PP, B1, B2, K, carotene and essential oils.Moreover, this wonderful green 100grammah contains about two per diem normyvitamina C, it is even more than 100 grams of lemon quadrupled.In the spring it is necessary for each person, aosobenno child!

With vosmimesyatsev added to the first courses of 3-5 grams of greenery, and 1.5 years already nachinaytedavat 5-10 grams of fresh parsley.

Sorrel in the diet of a child

malyshbudet If you regularly eat sorrel, then he will not have anemii.Kislye leaves of this plant are the real source of organicheskihveschestv by which is well absorbed iron, so good podavatschavel meat.The sorrel contains carotene, and he needs to zdorovogozreniya child and the child's growth.

odnogogoda From start to add 50 grams of sorrel soup, and from 1.5 years add it vsalaty 50 grams.

garlic in the diet of a child

Chesnokyavlyaetsya natural natural antibiotic, which has a wide spektrdeystviya, he kills all sorts of bacteria.

more togochesnok able to clean the stomach, dissolve viscous substances thin the blood, as well as bears sweated imochegonny effect.Garlic is useful for the teeth and gums, especially in baked egoupotreblyat.This plant is well enhances the secretion of gastric ipovyshaet appetite.That is why it should be the first place in ratsionerebenka.

With odnogogoda need to add a little garlic in boiled dishes - 5 grams, and 1.5 years, you can start adding it vsalaty.

salad in the diet of a child

This herb mozhetne only enrich the child's body with vitamins C, B, P, E, K imikroelementami, but also to maintain the water balance in the child's body.Salatnalazhivaet digestion and refreshing.

Due to the fact that the salad has a calming effect on the body and improves sleep, very aktivnymdevochkam and boys is best served the greens for dinner.

Since 1.5 years can be used as a basis for salad dressings in the amount of 100 grams.

Rhubarb in the diet of a child

Chereshkietogo plants are very tasty, with their use are obtained very vkusnyeblyuda, but is made from the roots of medicinal drugs.Rhubarb yavlyaetsyadieticheskoy grass, so doctors say that since eight months mozhnovklyuchat it in the diet of a baby.It is great effect on digestion and privoditv normal kidney function.Because of its pleasant taste, all children love this green ion becomes their favorite kind of grass.

Already vosmimesyatsev give your child 50 grams of cooked rhubarb, and 1.5 years for 50-200gramm crude.

Dill in the diet of a child

We all lyubimpriyatny aroma and taste of dill.In this fresh greens it contains iron, almost all vitamins, including B1, and P, A1, PP, C, calcium and efirnyemasla.

detskogoorganizma For dill is indispensable, especially for kids who suffer from constipation because dill improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and nesetslabitelny effect.

vosmimesyatsev Already in the first dish, add 5 grams of dill, and from 1.5 years add vratsion 5-10 grams of fresh plant.

Green onions in the diet of a child

Arrows lukamogut fight pathogens.This wonderful property is due to bow zabolshogo contained volatiles - volatile production.

lukesoderzhatsya in vitamins C, E, PP group and E as well as minerals: iodine, potassium ikaltsy.

With odnogogoda in boiled dishes put on 5 grams of onion, and 1.5 years in salads raw.

spinach in the diet of a child

zelenimeet This unique composition.It same protein as in legumes.Sick, spinach - a real champion posoderzhaniyu vitamins.Experts have counted it 14 kinds of vitamins and trace elements ogromnoekolichestvo.

Odnakodobavlyat in the diet of baby spinach is not more than twice a week.

With vosmimesyatsev start adding in a selection of boiled spinach, and on the second anniversary of 200 grams of salad, add 50 grams of fresh herb leaves.

Basil child's diet

drevnievremena The medicinal properties of basil mentioned that he drives urine and strengthens the heart, and breaks up mucus helps with thoracic diseases.And all this thanks to the tannins, essential oils and vitamins that it contains.

With 1.5 letnachinayte add 5 grams of basil in soups, and with two years of 200 grammsalata add 10 grams of green raw.

Use green for the child's body

Greens ochenvazhna for our children!Besides the fact that it contains a large kolichestvovitaminov, it also contains elements that can not be found even in samyhpoleznyh fruits and vegetables.

amino acids in green

In Yaponiispetsialisty found that the amino acids contained in the greenery, ubivayutdeystvie carcinogens.This is especially important for children who live in bolshihgorodah where they are adversely affected by the exhaust gases, preservatives and smog.

bioflavonoids in green

These substances act as antioxidants, protecting the body from kotoryesposobny destructive environmental factors onivosstanavlivayut cells of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, moreover onisposobny improve cerebral circulation.

enzymes in green

in green contains many enzymes, proteins kotoryeuluchshayut digestion.Because of this, the metabolism is accelerated, and the products raspadabystree excreted.As a consequence, the child feels healthy ibodrym.

Germany in green

One of the most important substances that the body nuzhnydetskomu, germanium is able to protect the baby from oxygen starvation, and supports the immune system remains.Furthermore, it is necessary predostavlyaetorganizmu useful and takes harmful ions.

Chlorophyll in green

This color pigment in every zelenomrastenii.It is he who makes the cell membranes strong and updates soedinitelnuyutkan.

most useful herbs

To all the nutrients and elementyostavalis in the greenery, it is best to grow it yourself without razlichnogoroda harmful fertilizers.

should be noted that the most useful dirt zelenpoyavlyaetsya in late April.However, Doman windowsill you can also make a small kitchen garden.Greenery, vyraschennayadoma my mother's hands - most poleznayazelen for the baby.On a wet gauze ilitryapochku Put wheat.Fresh green wheat sprouts yavlyayutsyakladezem vitamins and proteins.In a small wooden box, you can vyrastitpetrushku and dill.After planting, water the ground and cover with plastic wrap.Already cherezsem days should first shoots emerge.Onions can also be vyrastitna windowsill.Just clean it from the husk, cut the tip of a knife into the ground iposadite.A week later, you have to see the harvest.

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