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The lunar calendar gardener-gardener for October 2015

As you know, the moon - a planet that has a special influence on all living things, including plants.Depending on the phase in which it is located, the moon has different effects: may enhance the growth of seedlings, or vice versa - to slow seed germination, let all the juice plants in the ground part of the plant, or vice versa - in the underground.Therefore, it is important to know when and what kind of work carried out in their area.We will tell you what is better to pay attention in October 2015 to be the Moon allies.

lunar calendar gardener on October 2015 for the Urals and Siberia

October is good not only for the harvest, but also to work with the soil.So, for example, can be scheduled for this period fertilizer plot compositions with phosphorus and potassium components.Effective aeration will also work to ensure soil normal "breath" in the winter.This can be used as a special technique, and more conventional forks.Be sure to dig the planting beds free, just do not break apart while large lump

s of earth.In the fall, they are particularly important because they will delay the snow in the winter and create optimal conditions for the destruction of many pests.

But if this is universal advice to all gardeners gardeners, in the Urals and Siberia have their "lunar" nuances.Including with respect to number of works in October 2015:
  • leafy annuals (basil, dill, lettuce, parsley) - 19-20, 23-24;
  • leafy perennials (onions, asparagus, sorrel, wild garlic, rhubarb), garlic - 1-6, 9-11;
  • conifers, fruit bushes - 1, 11-12;
  • flowers (bulbous and tuberous) - 14-16, 23-24.

Lunar calendar for October 2015 for the Moscow region and central Russia

work on the site in October, will largely depend on the weather.So, for example, if the days are clear, and the temperature is above zero - this is a good time to do Tuberous flowers (gladioli, begonias, dahlias).For an average strip of Russia work on their digging and harvesting is usually conducted in the first half of October.In the second half of the month it is recommended to mulch the ground in places of "hibernation" bulb flowers (daffodils, lilies, hyacinths).You can do it with peat or humus.Note that the middle of autumn can not create acceptable conditions for houseplants, so it's time to bring them back to the house.

For other "ground" work at the cottage or in the garden, gardener to the lunar calendar on October 2015 for the Moscow region, and recommends the following middle band of October:
  • 1-4, 17-18 - to collect ripe fruit, their preparationstorage;
  • 5-6 - work with wild rose, apple trees (planting, pruning);
  • 7-8, 24-25 - cleaning in the greenhouse and in the area, preparing the soil fertile for the next year;
  • 9-11, 22-23, 30-31 - working with the soil (tillage, mulching, ridging), cover plants;
  • 12-14 - holiday or cleaning the site;
  • 15-16, 19-21 - planting of greenery (in containers), sowing of perennial plants;
  • 26-27 - planting garlic;
  • 28-29 - planting flower bulbs and plants melkolukovichnyh.

lunar calendar gardener on October 2015 for Belarus and Ukraine

addition to harvest, planting garlic, canning, mulching and soil aeration, in October, there is a place and sowing.This month, more precisely in his last days, planting calendar recommends planting (for the winter), greens (spinach, fennel, lettuce), carrots, radishes and onion sets.It should be guided not only by the number, but also on the degree of soil freezing - you need to sow in the cold, but not frozen soil.

also plan for October pruning and preparation for winter roses, but be aware that they will need to cover only after the first frost when temperatures below zero.In addition, it's time to harvest the tops (potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes).Collect the remains of these plants because of their toxicity can not be used for compost, so it is better to burn.Pay attention to the trees - "treat" them and blanch, but do not forget to pre-clean underneath fallen leaves and fruit, and the ground around the trunk proryhlit.

What gives tips calendar gardener for those who want to get a good harvest in the Ukraine and Belarus?So, in October 2015 spread its work in the country as follows:

  • earlier this month (1-5) - Planting onion sets, winter garlic, gathering roots, fertilization;
  • 8-10-th day - soil aeration, cleaning overgrown shrubs and trees, digging up tubers flowers;
  • 11th - planting carrots, celery, fennel, parsley;
  • 12,15-17 - plant sanitation and cleaning of the site;
  • 18th - shelter novosadok strawberries and peat or humus;
  • 19-23-th - gathering horseradish, cabbage, apples, their processing and laying of the deposit;
  • end of the month (25-26) - the protection of trees, soil aeration;
  • 13, 27th - rest and counting harvest.

lunar calendar gardener on October 2015 for the North-West

Since the climate of the North-West region significantly narrows the possibilities and scope of work on the site to permanent cooling should have time to carry out pruning and shaping trees and shrubs.Even earlier (in early October), try to hold the landing trees and bushes with open back, if you work is planned.At the same time, cut the stems of perennials that remain to winter in the area, and loosen the earth around them and Feed the fertilizers.You can do the sowing of annual flowers - poppies, Mattioli, cornflowers, bluebells, scabiosa, aster, rudbeckia, calendula.

have knowledge that are tested for centuries - and lunar calendars among them.So take adopted the lunar calendar gardener in October 2015 to use all the opportunities for a good harvest and fruitful pastime in the area.