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Biography Celine Dion

With Mathieu Dion, of course, native not only the love of a large family and a common language.The Canadian diva, among other things, also golosische five octaves and convincing dramatic talent.The first memorable appearance before the European public Dion took place at the "Eurovision" in 1988.Judges of many countries called it the best.Just seen the movie from the beginning it was written on her race, because it is a song to Dion Disney cartoon "Beauty and the Beast" began its conquest of international audiences.Then he was no less renowned song performed Dion duet with Clive Griffin "When I Fall In Love" ("When I fall in love") of the acclaimed film "Sleepless in Seattle."And then the "Titanic."


Celine Dion with some even frightening sequence embodies his childhood dreams, both creative and personal.It is understandable that a girl from a poor family like provincial lush wedding ... But this magnitude was not expected!Preparation for the event took a year.Particularly im

pressive is the bride's dress and tiara fabulously expensive.The wedding was dubbed the "royal".By the way, relatives, studying the family tree Dion, discovered that their beloved girl is a direct descendant of the Frankish king Charlemagne!
And who was the lucky chosen one of the singer?Do not hesitate - her producer, besides first - Rene Angelil, her age Godea father.It was he who "discovered" it in 12 years.Gossip around their union is still outraged Dion: "I moved closer to Rene not 12, it happened much later - at the time I had passed 20! When we first met, he took me totally kid!"Do you think the gossip yourself!On the question of the future children Celine usually jokes: "I plan to make on a more than my mother."And ... it gives birth to a new album.

black stripes

On the one hand, Dion has long looked simple in communication, calm and cheerful person, but on the other hand, it was felt some anguish, forcing meticulous journalists suspect something was wrong.It was rumored that the singer is exposed to severe depression, and once she really got to the hospital with the diagnosis "the highest degree of nervous and physical exhaustion."But is it really so surprising when you consider that the husband-producer, did not give a step to step on their own and are not even allowed to choose costume!In the end, their family unit is completely upset.The press reported that Celine hardly refer to normal after a suicide attempt.
However, fortunately, it did not affect the work.In autumn 1997 came the triumphant album of Celine Dion "Let's Talk About Love" ("Let's talk about love").By the way, the song "My heart will not stop" just with this record.Celine has always loved to surprise, but this album she just shook."Let's talk about love" became a rare collection of unexpected creative alliances.

idol of her youth

Somehow I suddenly found that the Canadian singer, despite attributed to her depressive character, gets on well with the world and gathered a rich harvest of hits that envy is the star performer.To begin with soulful duet with Celine of her youth idol Barbra Streisand ("Tell Him" ​​- "Tell him").Equally impressive is the cooperation with ... Dion Luciano Pavarotti.They sang a duet very sophisticated ballad "I Hate You, Then I Love You" ("And I hate you and I love you").Dion's vocal power is not so is not comparable with the voice of the great tenor.This song was first performed "live" at a charity concert Pavarotti Europe.Celine also can not get enough of union with his youthful idols - a group of "Bee Gees" ("Bee Gees")."They wrote a song for me! - Not appeased Celine. - Every morning, waking up, I can not believe that this is not a dream."By the way, the composition of the "Bee Gees" "Immortality" ("Immortality") about the mysterious journey to eternity - one of the most beautiful in the album.
After the ceremony, "Oscar" Celine Dion herself admitted that she was even scary - almost all the dreams come true.There are only two, but "most cherished" - to become a movie star and have a baby.


Celine Dion called "singing machine".Critics see it as the voice of "cold and mechanical" - and the truth, all the emotions carefully and accurately verified, no outbursts, no falls.And frankly, in general, too, no.But wisely and romantic, that is perfect - in any case, for the cinema.And love, only love.And as we know from the old statement "The Beatles", "All we need - it's love."From this perspective, creativity Celine Dion is absolutely flawless.

Celine Dion, bursting out in 90 years at the forefront of the world of pop music, was recognized the largest centers muzindustrii: Grammy in the US, Juno and Felix Awards in Canada, World Music Awards in Europe.The whole world watched as gifted from clumsy teenager she became a vivid international superstar.And so much ahead.


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