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Viggo Mortensen

- Wait, wait.You have a lot of notable roles - "A Perfect Murder," "GI Jane," "Portrait of a Lady," "Crimson Tide."Yes, and "Lord of the Rings" - is not the last project.

- Do not argue.I was a good "fit into the overall composition" - when talking about the lead roles.But before the "Hidalgo", the main roles I had.You know, what a feeling experienced actor when his scenes are not included in the final cut of the film?And I know - so it was with me.First it was "shift change" Jonathan Demme with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.And then - "The Purple Rose of Cairo" by Woody Allen.My close tactfully stopped to ask a question, and when I show up, finally, on the screen.But I had a lot on the cutting room floor - in cutting.

- One is not a very lucky actor recently quoted me your poems.They seem like a prayer for him.

- What?

- From the poem "Installation¬Ľ:

with the person who you were

So long,
finished.His place

smelling popcorn.

- Yes, I wrote it when I was excised.

Viggo Mortensen - Aragorn real - How did you get the role of Aragorn?

- It was an accident.As before I had no luck, and luck - without any regularity.In my opinion, Jackson has started filming "The Lord" - note, on the other side of the world in New Zealand, and after a couple of days I have in Venice (Los Angeles area), the telephone rang.And I know that Stuart Townsend, adopted the role of Aragorn, exiled.Its role is now being offered to me.

- Jackson told you to call him back, bombarded with questions, and he has decided that you refuse.And then you say, "I think we will meet soon."

- It was.I asked about Aragorn, but really wanted to know what kind of guy this, Jackson, who starts shooting a huge project and denies the actor, who is preparing for the role for six months.

- Understood?

- Roger, I do not know what they do not hit Townsend and what kind of "creative differences" are.But I think he did not come of age - he was only 27. But this role requires an old hand.

- you - an old hand?

- Apparently, yes.The strangest thing I had not read Tolkien.When accepted the role, my only counselor was my son Henry.He was then 11. He tolkiyenistov homeworkers.Henry said: "Aragorn - it's cool."I believed him.He'd begged me to read Tolkien.And here I am on the plane, a thick leaf through the Talmud and wonder: Well, not Sissy I last that let himself be persuaded?However, I soon realized that there are many stories of Scandinavian sagas, which my dad raised me, Dane.And anyway, I always fascinated mythology.Even superstitious, perhaps.On the windshield of my car hanging amulet Sioux.In general, Aragorn I downright blood.

- Henry has influenced you in other cases?

- We influence each other.It always happens to people who live together.

- You're a single parent?

- It sounds strange, but I'm really a single father.However, I can hardly bring up Henry.Rather, we are friends.

- Is it true that you're so selfless behave on the set, when you knocked out a tooth sword, you told him instant glue stick and brought the scene to the end?

- What to do - time dentist was not.It was the first shooting incident.A schedule was as follows: all of the actors are busy six days a week.And just 15 months.On Sunday afternoon we were given time postirushku and beer.After that it was necessary to return to the battlefield.Knuckles we just did not have - was shot down outright.

- They say that you and slept in Aragorn's clothes, and did not leave with a sword.And goes barefoot in the woods alone almost a day.

- I studied at the Stanislavsky system.This means that you need to get into the skin of the hero.Become Aragorn physically.A barefoot, I just love to go - in me a lot of hippies.In the woods, I just lost went out with a camera, but the sun had set, and the way I lost.In the end, he came to his - helped flash it sometimes I lit his way.And besides, did wonderful pictures, a series called "Lost."They were exhibited in the gallery, along with my other pictures.

- Here you are an artist, photographer and poet.Who else?

- Robert Frost, the poet is not bad, said: say to yourself, "I am a poet" - all the same as saying "I am handsome."For me, life - painting, photography and poetry.From childhood I thought that all must strive something to be constantly engaged.In the movie, I work mainly for the money.But the rest - is quite another.I imagine many purposes ponastavil that sleep once.But in my life there are moments just magical.

- Why acute dislike?

- Bad dubbing!Once I even started the battle with the Spanish distributors.I offered myself otdublirovat role.I know very well Spanish.But my dubbing they did not like.Said strong Buenos Aires accent.But this is ridiculous!

- Still do not have the same woman with whom you share your life so rich?

- For my part, it would be inappropriate and even cruel to involve outsiders in this mess.

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