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How to learn to sing, if there is no voice?

There are special techniques that help train and develop the vocal cords, and they do not always suggest a visit courses or music school.

How beautiful to sing, if there is no voice?

to learn to sing by yourself, you will need a tool ideally piano.In some cases it can be replaced online application that allows to interpret the sounds.The main thing to take note of before.Next - simpler, although at first all may seem more complicated than it really is.

In order to learn to sing at first it is necessary to learn a few scales.

Try to sing a few notes.Listen and try to feel the difference between them.After that, take the very lowest note, that you can.Go to the highest and go vniz.Nachnite learning songs.Do not start with the complex procedures, it is enough to take a few simple children's songs to practice and try out.Lay out all the lines in syllables and chant each of them, making small pauses.To simplify the task, you can use the picture.To do this, draw a song by syllables and put arrows: the up arrow would mean a high note, down - low.Learn how to warm up

Before singing directly to each actor sung.There are several different ways.On one of them we'll tell you.

First of all take a comfortable position.It is best to stand and stretch their breasts.Align the lower hands, relax your chest and start humming the different vowel sounds in combination with unspoken:

  • Mi-ME-ma-mu-mo
  • po-re-ru-ri-ro

any other.

raspevki should become a habit for you, but do not get hung up on one sound.Experiment with the tone, rhythm, volume.Only in this way the exercise will benefit.

Before you learn a song sure to sing with simple exercises.

Effective exercises

  1. simple, but at the same time, a unique exercise - singing with your mouth closed.To do this, open the Close the lips and teeth.Breathing through your nose and sing the letter "M".The sound is similar to the mooing and rightly so.Do not strain, singing should be easy and free.
  2. Develop your diaphragm with exercise.It is enough to take any song that you like and begin to sing.In the process, focus on one note and try to sing it louder than usual.The voice should be clear and loud rain.This exercise is very effective, so use it regularly.
  3. It is equally important to train your breath, it's "engine" of the sound.It is very important to protect your lungs and increase their opportunities.To do this, put your hands on your stomach and begin to slowly inhale.You should almost feel like your body is filled with oxygen.Then exhale slowly also.Try to remember this process from beginning to end, since it is this rate should be your rate during singing.Breathe jerky in any case can not be so hard Train.

Exercise regularly and do exercises that help develop the diaphragm and vocal cords .

Once all these exercises will start in the habit of singing.Do this as often as possible, and most importantly - think.

How to learn to sing - Video