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How to develop a voice for singing?

to develop voice, there are many different techniques and exercises.They are aimed at the development and formulation of the diaphragm.

exercises to develop diction

Before every busy doing breathing exercises.For this 6 deep breaths nose and exhale mouth.Note should be short breaths and exhale slowly and lingering.Then do a warm-up to the mouth: move your lips and tongue.So try to achieve their maximum relaxation.

Exercises for development of diction, which will help to deliver and develop the voice.

Exercise pronunciation syllables

One of the most popular and effective exercises that are taught as early as primary school.Clearly and loudly pronounce the syllables that contain voiced and voiceless consonants and vowels.For example, tpki, pkte, ptok, vkty.In order not to interrupt, prepare a list of syllables and read them with the paper.

Tongue Twisters

great way to help you develop diction.For it is pre-prepared.Take a few tongue twisters, write them on a piece of paper and read aloud thoughtfully.Every time read, increasing the pace.Make sure to clearly pronounce all the lett

ers, it is very important.

List of tongue twisters, which will help to develop a voice and diction for singing.

Develop voice

In order to develop the voice you need to arm themselves with tools such as the piano and start exploring the scales.The fact is that without a teacher is difficult to take the right note.But it is quite possible to do if there is a tool at your fingertips.Click to note, Listen to it and try to reproduce the voice.Likewise, do unto each note in the scale.Sing every note up and scroll down.

gradually complicate the task.When you manage a range, try to sing it through note: before E, G, B.And vice versa: up, A, F, D.

To train the voice should be regularly sing the notes.

To understand whether you are doing the exercise correctly, record your voice on tape or mobile telefon.Kstati, recorders can be a great assistant in training.To learn a song, try turning the original record and sing along with the performer.Then listen to the recording.So you'll understand if you have a problem with the voice.

To evaluate the results record your voice on tape.

breathing exercises

breath - the basis of the process of voice.It is very important to pay attention to the development of the diaphragm.To do this, there are specific exercises that can be performed even while walking.

  • Try to breathe through.To do this, a short but deep breath.It must be exactly two long your step.After that - exhale, also in two steps.Constantly practicing, complicates the problem and try to bring the score to ten.
  • second exercise can be done sitting.The scheme is similar to the previous one: a breath - a delay of two seconds - exhale.Gradually increase.

    Effective exercise for the development of the diaphragm to improve the voice.

  • Lie on your back.One hand should lie on his stomach, and the second under the loin.Make a short breath nose while bulging belly.Breath, hold your breath, count to two and slowly exhale.At the same time it is necessary to slowly draw the belly and pronounce some hissing sound.

Special exercises for proper inhalation and exhalation.

Remember that the development of votes, it is a long process that requires diligence and regular training.But also remember that you should completely posilen, so proceed immediately and very soon you will be able to surprise your family and friends.

How to develop voice - video

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