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Anita Tsoi was accused in a fun day news of the death of Jeanne Friske

Like all our colleagues, Anita Choi did not remain indifferent to the recent bereavement and expressed condolences to the family of Jeanne Friske in his microblog.

the same day, Anita Choi also shared some secrets with subscribers prepare for a completely new design with a very interesting and well-coordinated team.Work on the project, as evidenced by the latest news from Instagram star fully grasped it.Oddly fans tried to find out at least some parts, while Anita Choi keeps the intrigue in which the new incarnation will appear before the spectators:

fully operational ☺.How else?The project is a new and interesting ... I have to learn a few things on the go, but something I have no equal.

Video contention blog Anita Tsoi

And under the innocent video Anita Choi with her a short break in more than 10 hours of work on the project broke accusatory speech passionate fans.The fact is that in a couple of second spot singer lying on the couch, picks up tired and swollen feet, laughing at the camera.

Such a cheerful demeanor and angered subscribers:

be honest, I was disappointed and Anita ... On such a day and such a fun show ... Well, simply do not like this video, a man lies and laughs ... and upthat a few hours ago, the type of sorrows ... Play for publikuVy, Anita, could at least to colic there to have fun, but do not show it all over the world, how silly it all from you ... completely disappointed in you ... If youat the funeral service in the Crocus City, but there please do not try to laugh cheerfully ...

Unlike many stars, not practicing dialogue with their subscribers, Anita Choi not only responded to the hurtful accusations, but not too lazy to come back to the profile of the fans expressedoutrage her innocent behavior.A star wrote to the attacks not only prose but also deep rhymed lines:

Subject how do I restore a tired body (in this case, swollen legs) quickly and efficiently, make you a violent backlash.From what?Does this have to do to Joan?Or insult the singer or her family?Millions of women spend many hours on his heels and suffer from swelling and tired legs.I consider it my duty to share with the larger half of humanity, and a good recipe for beauty zdorovya.Moya position - love loud scream.Who's supposed to, that I was given poymёt.Oratoram platform for speeches.Artist - music and scene in Atonement.I will pay a song, and beg and scream about how to live, love to the bottom, without hypocrisy!My smile and a mischievous laugh, as a challenge to those who slumber in the holes in a coma.We were given one life for everyone at all and we will live it without a doubt!

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