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Birthday Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva new image

Congratulations to Maxim Galkin from stellar friends

Family and friends were quick to congratulate Maxim Galkin in their social networks.Christina Aguilera wrote warm words for the birthday in Instagram:

Dear Max!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Laughter and joy you bring to people, and in our family you have brought happiness and love !!

Do not miss the opportunity to express my congratulations to Maxim Galkin in his microblog and Russian pop king Philip plummet birthday one of the best compliments related to his wife Alla Pugacheva:

Today is the birthday of the most talented and the most extraordinary of the Artist, the most complex zhanra-"gay people" !!! Usually people in this profession lives alone and is not funny.Max - a rare exception!Next to him is always very fun and comfortable, and most importantly, safely.And it is clear why he fell in love with this woman !!!And God forbid you and your family, my dear friend, the joy of a full house and a continuous infectious laughter of children referred to them by
inheritance from you!)) Health you heroic, today is the most important thing that can and should wish for, especially now,understanding it as never before, well, the rest - at a meeting today !!!I hug!

Alla Pugacheva was surprised by its fresh way

Latest news indicate that the celebration of 39th anniversary of Maxim Galkin took place in a very narrow range of warm and relaxed atmosphere.Suitable simple and homey and comfortable outfits were the star guests.I must say that Alla Pugacheva downright struck by its fresh look, dressed in white short dress with lace, colorful summer coat and fashionable youth light sneakers.By the way, on the face of the prima donna, we noticed an almost complete lack of makeup, but rather naturally laid perky blond curls gave way.

On one of the photos in the company of Marina Yudashkin Alla Pugacheva also demonstrates perfect for her age, slender legs.We believe a good mood and youthful appearance of his beloved wife - the best gift known her husband for his birthday.

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