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Alain Vodonaeva said that men do not need it

telediva admitted that she feels young and happy and can not understand why everything is sure to want to see it someone's wife.Vodonaeva says that her life is already the man to whom she was preparing breakfast in the morning, it was her 4-year-old son, and to share more with someone she does not want a living space.

I'm so madly in love freedom, I like so much to live alone, to do whatever I want!I myself earn, I spend myself.To no one held accountable for their actions, - says Alain.- I am very well married - definitely not.I do not need men.

Fans Alena farmacia "calculated" her new friend

However, the latest news about the personal life of 32-year-old celebrity suggest otherwise.Recently, Alain Vodonaeva beginning to intrigue its subscribers Instagram, periodically publishing the photos, which can be understood that with her a new man.Despite the fact that the identity of the new socialite friend did not disclose, and the photographs in the microblogging show it only in part, fans were able to

calculate the glamorous teledivy her lover of tattoos on his arms, hit the shot.Fans have come to the conclusion that this tattoo artist Anton Korotkov, making out in the photo is the chain of Roman numerals, which adorns the right wrist tattoo.However, in one of the photos in Instagram, you can see the person and gentleman farmacia, but she Alain hidden in this image from the camera of a dog, which she holds in her arms.Subscribers leading blog noted that the young man looks rather brutal, and the couple should get spectacular.

After the divorce with his father Bogdan, Alex Malakeeva, Alena farmacia had several novels.For a while, reality TV star met with amateur club parties Slava Panterovym, and later - with the young St. Petersburg businessman Yuri Ande.Attributed to Allen and a short affair with 20-year-old Artem Markelov.

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