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Miranda Kerr taught to do self Ivan Urgant and Makeup

Moscow won the Australian model

on his page on the social network Miranda Kerr wrote about gay and a warm welcome in Russia and showed photos of Red Square, as well as themselves on the background of the main attractions.

According to the latest news on the dedicated brand shampoos Clear event transatlantic star had to wait for about three hours.Leading the ceremony, Igor Wernick how could entertain guests, among whom, incidentally, were seen Sasha Savelyev and Nastya Zadorozhnaya.When at last there was Miranda Kerr, the famous presenter dared to celebrate not only the joint self with beauty, but also allowed himself hot triple kisses with the model.

Workshops Miranda Kerr for Ivan Urgant

evening celebrity visited the popular show "Evening Urgant", which impressed the audience direct behavior and full contact with the TV presenter Ivan Urgant.Funny entertainer decided to use the unique opportunity to find out the secrets of beauty angel VS.Miranda Kerr has not opened a terrible secret, that owe

s its harmony of sports and a healthy diet.

Yet the key recommendations from the star fans have heard too: you must choose the sport class that brings pleasure.For this model, yoga and meditation.In addition, Miranda Kerr is not afraid to afford sometimes a little hamburgers and fries, as long as a healthy diet is at least 80% of the menu.

Ivan Urgant was a real master class on the beauty of the art of making successful self.Hold the phone a little above the level of the face and looking at the camera, pose, if you look not on himself, but for someone you terribly pleasant - that's the secret of a beautiful picture of a loved one from Miranda Kerr successfully from the first time assimilated Ivan Urgant.

course, lead could not miss the chance to learn from the stars, and even the secrets of her make-up, not sparing the main methods for demonstrating their own starry face.Miranda Kerr in 3 minutes turned in her observation, a little dry lips Ivan Urgant in groomed and covered with lipstick and glitter, struck on the cheeks blush and mascara on the lashes.Without warm kisses Miranda Kerr and Ivan Urgant goodbye too, was not.

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