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Prince Harry has completed a military career and sent to rescue the elephants

Resign Prince Harry goes to the rank of captain of cavalry regiment of the Court.

first decision to leave the military service Harry announced in February.Thirty monarch acknowledged that the decision to withdraw from military service for him was quite difficult:

After a decade of service, the decision to end his military career was given me a hard time.I regard as a success the opportunities that I have had: to participate in bright operations and meet amazing people.

Despite the decision to leave the service, the heir to the British throne said that will continue to be engaged in charity work in the framework of military aid.By the end of September, he's going to start to work as a volunteer in a London rehabilitation center soldiers Personnel Recovery Unit, wounded while serving in the army.

Harry went to Africa to save the rhinos and elephants

in the coming days, Henry of Wales (that is the official name is the younger son of Charles) will go to environmental volunteer mission in Afri

ca.And Prince is so serious about the upcoming trip, which did not tolerate it even for baptisms little niece Charlotte, which is set for July 5.

Within three months, the Prince will visit South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania.The main purpose of the trip is related to environmental education.The program of the African countries, provides close cooperation with professional experts in wildlife Harry plans to study the problem of poaching attacks on elephants and rhinos, to participate in the Rangers, life-saving wild animals from illegal traders bone.