The most fashionable hairstyles for girls to prom

How to choose the right hairstyle for prom kids

How would you not want to create his daughter on the head of a tower of curls, remember about the appropriateness and keep in mind the following rules:

  • cemented by a hair lacquer, stacked in a huge complex hairstylelong out of fashion.As with rhinestone hair
  • Hair should not be too voluminous, otherwise children will look disproportionate figure
  • fewer pins, the better.They will cause discomfort girl
  • lighter laying on the outlet, the better.Tiny should move freely
  • Basic requirements for styling products: gipoallergentnost, flexibility, the ability to easily and quickly rinse them
  • best decorations for children's hairstyles for prom: small flowers, bright "crab", barrettes, headbands and ribbons.

Hairstyles for graduation for short hair

If your daughter - short hair, you should not buy a dress is on the floor, so as not to disturb the proportions.Along with the full skirt to the knee will be harmonious look with cute elegant styling.

elongated squares easily cheat on curlers and put large soft curls around her face.That hair does not fall on the eyes, they can pick up the little "crab" on both sides, or the sides of a thin braid pigtails.

Another version of the children's hairstyles for graduation - more intertwined tails.This stacking is easy to do yourself: divide the parietal area to the same kvadrtiki using the partings, tie their tails, in turn connect them to each other.

children on prom hairstyles for medium hair

Medium length hair can be screwed onto rollers or curlers, and then dissolve the shoulders.Decorate the rim-sleek hairstyle tiara or a massive hoop with large flowers.

huge number of variations of hairstyles for prom can give a plain braid.Braid spike slightly "loosen" strands to obtain additional volume at the bottom, at the back, adorn barrette to match the dress.Kos can be asymmetrical, to go along the forehead or over the head.Children's hair is quite thin, so they can be a little comb or woven tape.

Hairstyles for graduation for long hair

For long hair, you can make different variations of the beam.Lovely looks bulk "Babette", especially if prom dress is made in the style of the 60s.Because hair can also create a large beautiful bow, as long as he was no longer the head of his mistress.

volume high beam made of curls.First, gather your hair into a ponytail, curl into locks and locking pin in a random order.The base can be decorated with a large rubber band, artificial flowers or beads.

pigtails and braids, intertwined stacked on top of the head, the rest of the hair is left loose.

order not to dissolve hair, braid hair in a long braid.She can take the form of a heart or a zigzag, and the tail to hide or decorate.

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