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Painless childbirth with epidural anesthesia

Causes pain

pain during childbirth - a very natural feeling.Painful contractions that cause the uterus to contract.Pain is the fact that when the fetus through the birth canal, vagina greatly expanded its compressed tissue.
pain can be quite small and painful, it depends on the sensitivity of women and of her psychological readiness to leave.It is believed that a woman with a calm balanced character easier to tolerate pain than those who are prone to tantrums.Therefore, the way to painless childbirth begins with moral training.

Psychological preparation

Most women are afraid of the pain, and not of birth.Fear affects the perception of reality, and transferred to the events with which we associate the pain.Therefore, if a painless childbirth - this is what you seek, start with individual work on yourself.
Firstly, psychologists say that while waiting for the child should strive for peace.And it is absolutely not in vain.During pregnancy, all highly undesirable extreme emotional state.If the expec
tant mother is not sure if she wanted this baby, it will be more afraid of childbirth, because they do not see themselves in the reason for which she needed to endure this pain.If the mother is too fixated on her pregnancy, the fear of pain can also be strong, since it would be too worry about the outcome of childbirth.
Secondly, not a small role played by women's understanding of what is happening to her body.Less afraid of birth and are more willing to them by those who knows exactly how their body changes during pregnancy as the fetus grows, it is worth to wait during labor and beyond.The more you know about pregnancy and childbirth, the more they push back the pain of knowledge.It ceases to be the center of your attention, it fades into the background.And the absence of fear - it is a serious chance that your delivery will not be painful.
Third, do not neglect the rates for pregnant women.Swimming pool, fitness, yoga - all these will help prepare the body for childbirth, making it more resilient and flexible.

Acupuncture Oriental medicine is largely aimed at the elimination of pain symptoms in different ways.One of them - acupuncture.Experts give special needle points which block pain.This greatly facilitates the discomfort during labor and beyond.For those who are categorically against this method and is afraid of pain specialists can offer a decent alternative.It massages the same points that are responsible for pain, hands.

Childbirth in water

Painless childbirth became a reality when in fashion includes a water birth.It is believed that water is largely relieves mothers, making contractions less painful.But water birth can be dangerous.Water is the medium in which the bacteria multiply actively, so needed for complete security sterile conditions, which are available only in a hospital.But not all hospitals may offer such a service, as a rule, a water birth are only available to patients elite maternity homes for big money.
If you are tuned to painless childbirth and chose a water birth, choose only an experienced specialist for their reference.


Painless delivery available with various medications.But not all of them are allowed to be used during pregnancy because they may adversely affect the fetus.At birth prescribe morphine and promedol, but they do not relieve the pain completely.
only way to get rid of any unpleasant sensations - is epidural anesthesia.The essence of this method is that in the space of the spinal cord, where the roots are located near the nerve endings of the anesthetic is injected.This is a safe method in which no damage to the spinal cord, since injection is performed in the lumbar region where the nerve endings are only available.

This method allows you to completely numb the lower body mothers.She does not feel the contractions, and even attempts do not seem to her painful.This method of pain relief is now available almost everywhere.

Painless childbirth - is a dream of every expectant mother.Women rush to experience the joy of motherhood, but are afraid of possible discomfort.Nevertheless, the birth - it's not so painful process.Many facts about him greatly embellished.Correct breathing, good physical condition and medications allow women to give birth without pain every woman.

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