Choose a nice and fashionable baby dress to the prom in the garden

How to pick the dress to prom kindergarten

order not to get lost in the store, it is important to remember a few simple rules.

  • Remember age.No need to put on the child too complex and adult clothes, baby dress to prom should emphasize youth and freshness.
  • Consider the time, place and nature of the event.For matinee inappropriate evening gowns too dark, with lots of sequins and decorations, with lush skirts too.After the official part of the children start to dance and frolic, so the dress should not interfere and hamper the movement.
  • outfit must be made of natural fabrics.Synthetics do not allow the body to breathe, keeping moisture away from the body.Too tight and rigid materials may provoke irritation.
  • All the best - to children!This rule becomes a guide for parents.However, buying a prom dress for kindergarten, remember that it will serve 1-2 times.Is it worth it to spend huge sums of outfit?

Children's dresses to the prom: fashionable styles and colors

Long dress A-shaped silhoue

tte - a classic of the genre.A long skirt made of thick satin or chiffon.Waist accentuated by a wide belt with a luxurious bow.Pastel colors are preferred: milk, beige, pistachio, pink.A great accessory - long gloves.

more practical option - dress to the knee with a fluffy tulle skirt.In such models appropriate overestimated waist, accented belt and a sleeveless bodice.Tip: Pick up a cute bolero in addition to the case of cool weather or wind.

Recently replace heavy and cumbersome outfits come easy sarafan.Original style: wide round collar, embroidered with beads and free along with numerous flounces.

Another option - a dress with a skirt-cylinder, decorated bodice and sleeves with light wings.Buy this baby dress on prom short gloves and a small handbag.

Shoes outlet for girls

Festive baby dress on prom complement the elegant shoes.When choosing them, guided by the following rules:

  • Shoes should be of high quality, made from natural or synthetic quality, breathable material.
  • leather insoles should be taken and orthopedic.
  • Sole shoes have to be flat.If you want a model to heel, he preferred a broad, no more than 3 cm.
  • child should be comfortable.If a daughter is a lot of walking and dancing, then you need an additional strap across the foot to the foot firmly fixed.

Best Model - classic boat with a rounded or slightly pointed toe.It can be decorated with rhinestones or sequins, and satin bow or ribbon.Another decorative element - shiny buckle.

Shoes outlet for girls should match the color of the dress or handbag.Neutral colors - white, silver-gray or pale pink.

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