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Dana Borisova secretly married and explained her choice of life

Modest wedding ceremony Dana Borisova and luxurious dress

Dana Borisova in his microblog presented several photos in a charming lush wedding dress, corset which generously studded with rhinestones.TV presenter admitted that the example is not only one but several dresses, but still decided for the most important celebration in the life to sew luxurious wedding dress to order.

turns, June 22 morning held a surprisingly modest marriage registration Dana Borisova in the registry office, which was attended by only the couple and daughter Dana - Polina.The latest news from the microblogging stars told that the grand celebration of the wedding will happen in August, but bitter experience of communication with journalists, Dana Borisova not call "appearances passwords»:

In general, I'm officially a wife, and the wedding itself will be held in August,When our daughter to come, and the number of her I, too, will not be called, because now forced to fear even proven, honest journalists.Too many untruths have
resulted in the recent ...

Dana Borisova about her husband: "I was looking for him 39 years»

TV star even a little surprised too corroborative subscribers microblog posts about his life choices.Dana Borisova husband 18 years ago moved to Moscow from the south-east of Ukraine and is now engaged in the construction business.Pair began a relationship, even when Andrew was married, a certificate of dissolution of which the young man was only in May.Immediately after the event steam and filed in the registry office.

few clarifications about the choice of the bride ... Many media outlets claim that I threatened: first, it is under the age of 4 years, and secondly was married!Well, not funny it?In addition, he came from the South-East of Ukraine ... But no one says that it happened 18 years ago, since then he has managed to stand up, to establish a business and live with a model for 8 years.) Yes, probably, it was logicalI would be if I announced the marriage with the aged oligarch, but I chose the kind, handsome, witty and honest man, who was looking for 39 years and with whom I want to stay until the end of days.

Just wanted to cry, believe, believe, Dana!The Council and love you!