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Fear of childbirth, afraid of dying in childbirth

Surely you are my husband and I came to a new responsible role of parents, and passed a special course at the school for future moms and dads.These classes are undoubtedly important, because in them you comprehend not only the theory (how to care for a newborn than to eat my mother), but practice (breathing technique, relaxing massage).It helps in childbirth!But today, in addition to the knowledge and skills you have can be more real helpers.No, we are not talking about the beloved (now hardly surprising his presence at birth), and the person called duloy (from Eng. Doula).

Ode Auden

In 1956, the French worked as an ordinary hospital unremarkable surgeon general Michel Odent, which is competent to obstetric surgery.They glorify the doctor.Now Oden is known around the world!He has written twelve books ("born happy", "Reborn birth", "Primary Health" and others), which have been published in 21 languages!But not only in the merit of Michel Auden.In different countries, the Frenchman known as the man w

ho in the 70s of XX century ushered in obstetric practice pools, rooms with a homely atmosphere and ... courses for blowing - women, designed to assist in childbirth.

What does a doula?

word "muzzle" means a professional companion in labor, that once she gave birth, and now knows how to facilitate this process the expectant mother.And this woman is not required to have a medical degree.The main thing - her personal experience and desire to help.Since muzzle understands the essence of all that is happening, it is she, in cooperation with specialists (doctor, anesthetist, midwife), well before you will carry information "translate" obscure medical terms, explain, reassure.With this assistant you will not worry about that when you need something, the medical staff will be busy with other women in childbirth.Doulas task is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to a woman in labor.In fact, performing a soft muzzle mediating role between the woman in labor, and new people ... and facilitates the fight, I attempt at future moms.How?With their skills.Dula knows relaxation techniques, acupressure can be used (for relaxation, and for the induction of labor), tells what position the body is better to take each stage of labor to reduce pain, recalls the breathing technique ... Even the pleasantmusical accompaniment cares!

third all superfluous!

think once you go to give birth doula, husband to be there is not necessarily?Believe me, the presence of a "character" does not exclude the presence of another.And if you and your favorite partner psychologically ready to leave, nothing prevents you to make that decision and take the company ... competent, experienced muzzle.It will not be a third extra!No, she will not take everything on yourself, leaving your husband the role of passive observer.Dula tell him what he can do for you at one time or another, endorse, support.This is also important because the future Pope is very worried!And for you and for your baby.Keep this in mind and do not ask too much of him!Thanks to you, my husband, doula, doctor and midwife to light a wonderful chubby?Congratulations!And we hasten to inform you that a few hours you will be adequately care.Dula will make the toddler to the chest (as well as tell you how to do it in the future), watches the conduct of medical procedures and ... will take to get back on your first call, because the relationship with this person will remain for life.

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