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How to restore your metabolism after birth

Indeed, as deciding to have a child without fear of changes to her appearance?

After birth, all women have extra weight, stomach, and as a consequence - the rounded forms.Many people do not like it, and they ask the question.How to get rid of it?

Let's talk about the beginning of pregnancy.Pregnancy is a job that requires no small effort of your body.As a consequence of this work, you have to eat for two.Stop.

If you do not learn how to control your appetite, your stomach will increase by 1.5 times, and the weight will be doubled compared to the norm.To avoid this, we must learn to control food intake.

control appetite.

1. Follow the energy value of food consumed.For normal operation of the body enough from 2000 to 3000 kcal per day.

2. One hour before a meal drink 100gr.heated mineral water "Essentuki 4", "Slavic".The warm mineral water does not give the allocated gastric juice and lye in the water to neutralize the hydrochloric acid, giving the appetite run wild.

3. If you want, eat, massage

the ear lobe on both sides.This will help delay the meal.

But the task is completed: birth went well, and your body belongs to you again.How to restore your metabolism?

have several causes weight gain.First of all, it slows down the metabolism.

Rules restore or rebuild your metabolism after birth:

1. Do not starve for lack of calories the body will react stored fat metabolism and delay.In addition, breast-feeding and taking care of the baby requires a lot of physical and energy costs.

2. Eat 5-6 times necessary, dividing the day at regular intervals.Frequent meal reduces appetite, stabilizes blood sugar, metabolism improves.The most important are the breakfast and afternoon tea.Bad metabolism characteristic, often for people who love snacking during the day and at night to gorge.

3. Be sure to revise your diet.Egg whites should have - they are very low in calories.Drink skim milk, soups cook not greasy.Folic acid, which is contained in carrot, accelerates metabolism in the human body, which leads to a strengthening of the immune system.The use of vitamins also helps to improve metabolism.

4. Set the table with small plates.Since you followed before the birth, with the size of your stomach, it is not a large amount of food you will not have to worry too much.

5. Satisfy cravings for good food, due to the severity of spices.They are able to restrain hunger and increase the number of calories burned, and improve metabolism.

6. In the evening, after a meal do not need to sit at home, it is better to go for a walk.After any physical activity if walking, running, cycling help increase metabolism dynamics of a few more hours after its completion.

7. Do not forget about sound sleep.Everyone knows that a person grows in a dream, he produced growth hormone, which in turn normalizes metabolism.

8. The fresh air fills your lungs with oxygen, which enters the bloodstream and has beneficial effects on metabolism.Ventilate the room at bedtime.Most merge the countryside, walk in parks and squares.

9. Attend a bath.In the bath, it quickens the heartbeat - that leads to the recovery and accelerate metabolism, and together with then cleans.

10. Walking on a sunny day can have a positive impact on the everyday human condition.In the sun, it improves the protective forces, begins to produce vitamin D, which in turn speeds up the metabolism.And even if the next few days were cloudy, the metabolism will be better.

11. Keep a sporty lifestyle.But before you start playing sports strongly recommend refer to the personal trainer.Incidentally increase in muscle mass has a positive effect on metabolism.Muscle cells consume more calories than fat cells.0.5 kg muscle consumes 30-50 calories per day, and 0.5lbs of fat - from 1 st to 3 calories.IeThe more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn.

12. Attend massage parlors.Try different types of massage, vacuum, anti-cellulite, full body massage.Each of the massage increases blood circulation and tone the muscles.

13. Try as little as possible to get nervous.When stress allocated fatty acids, which differ on the human circulatory system, muscle spasms occur vessels, thereby slowing the blood flow in the human body, and as a result reduce the metabolism.

14. Take a hot bath, they reduce the sweating, improve metabolism.Length should not exceed 5-10 minutes.This procedure can be combined with a cold shower.

15. Go to a beauty salon, on thalassotherapy.Thalassotherapy can reduce the volume and make correction of body contours, eliminate dryness and laxity of the skin and restore its elasticity.There is removal of excess fluid from the subcutaneous fat, the skin is saturated with microelements, getting rid of the swelling and venous stasis.

16. Eat carbohydrates with fiber.They are digested more slowly than without it.And significantly improves the metabolism.Several hours support befitting the amount of insulin in the blood.Changes in the level of insulin in the blood - is stressful for the body.It starts to increase metabolic rate, sometimes it reaches up to 10% or more.Calcium also improves the acceleration of metabolism.

17. Smoking is strictly contraindicated.It is believed that when a person smokes, the weight of the body falls.Let's see, when you inhale tobacco smoke, you make yourself into the lungs formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, hydroquinone, acetone, ammonia, benzene, butyl amine, and this is not a complete list.Under the effect of nicotine is reduced immunity, and as a consequence the metabolism.

18. Do not drink alcohol, it is even in small doses, it interferes with the digestive system, blood, metabolism, reduces the acidity of gastric juice.If you drink a little alcohol, you will not be able, to lead a dynamic life, and thus stimulate the metabolism, too, can not.

course, after pregnancy is a lot of worries and find time for yourself is very difficult.But if you use, at least some of the above tips, your metabolism and overall health will be much better, because you will know how to restore the metabolism after birth.Remember, motherhood, is not a reason to deny yourself the beauty, attractiveness and health.On the contrary, and for your baby and for your spouse to see you attractive and well-groomed is important.Give them their charm, and they will answer you in return.

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