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Valery Meladze celebrates 50 years

As you know, the actor has three daughters from his first marriage, and two sons from Albina Dzhanabaeva.After Valery early last year, divorced his wife Irina, the older children of the musician in any did not want to communicate with a younger brother.According to the latest news about the private life of an artist, a position in the family is very oppresses singer, he seeks to bring together their children.

Despite the fact that the artist did not plan to celebrate the holiday, he received today is very original and unexpected gift.Colleagues and friends of the singer recorded an album consisting of cover versions of the song that played at different times, Valery Meladze.The disc recording participated Albina Dzhanabaeva, Vera Brezhnev, Tree, of the "vintage", "VIA Gra" Anna Semenovich and others.Especially nice for Valeria probably will hear the song "Against", performed by his elder brother Constantine, who also participated in the preparation of musical surprises.As it is known, he is the author

of the famous Konstantin hits, but he never takes his works.For the composer's brother made a rare exception.

Other performers have chosen no less popular songs of Valery Meladze.So, Vera Brezhnev quail hit "Firework, Vera!", Changing to him the name to "Valerie."Albina Dzhanabaeva sang the song "you say," Anna Semenovich chose "Dream" and "VIA Gra" sang the lyrics "Parallel".Right now on the portal Youtube you can see videoanons drive that from the first seconds intriguing spectator:

Valery Meladze.Home

Valery Meladze was born in Baku in a family of engineers hereditary Nelly Akakievny and Shota Roerich Meladze.After high school, not even a question arises about the future profession - certainly an engineer.After his elder brother Constantine, Valery enters the city of Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute.And here was the first step to the big stage: the brothers became members of the institute ensemble with a simple title "April": Valery sang and Konstantin played keyboards and did the arrangements.

In 1989, the brothers Meladze, have invited a group of "Dialogue", and in 1993 at the Kiev festival of colors "Roksolana" Valery performed the song "Do not disturb my soul, violin," which became a hit soon.A year later there was a "Sir", and then - the album "The Last Romantic".