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The ex-wife of Timothy Allen Shishkov extra remade breast

Chest Shishkov increased before the pregnancy.After some time, its shape changed, and one of the implants moved in the armpit.Doctors believe that the deformation could influence what Alain refused artificial mixtures in favor of breastfeeding.

operation was carried out on the same day.The ex-wife of Timothy already discharged from the hospital, but some time before recovery, she would have to wear a special support bandage.The source said that she chose the most inexpensive implants.Artificial forms Shishkova cost 280 thousand rubles.

Plastic surgery Alena Shishkova

breast augmentation surgery - not the only surgical manipulations resorted to by Alain Shishkov.It is known that before she made a rhinoplasty and increased lips, moreover, it is several times increased its hair.Fans have noted that in recent years have changed markedly Alena face shape.They believe that the shape of the chin, the line of the eyebrows and high cheekbones models - also the result of cosmetology and plastic surgery.

noteworthy that earlier Shishkov itself acknowledged in social networks in the correction of the exterior.Thus, after the operation to change the shape of the nose Alain published a photo with a bandage on his face.Subscribers who monitor the latest news about the life of his ex-wife Timothy, happy watching her appearance improvement, noting that perfection has no borders.

recent appeal to the plastic model of the clinic has not commented.Recently, on the page Alena Shishkova in Instagram appears more romantic pictures, which depicts a girl with his new friend, the domestic football player Anton Shunin.It seems that the beautiful blonde, carried away by a new novel about Timothy is not recalled.New beloved runner-up Russia 28 years, and he - the goalkeeper of the Moscow "Dynamo".

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