How can I find the growth of her unborn child?

formula for calculating growth

First and foremost, this figure depends on the genetics of the parents.Nevertheless, you can independently make such calculations.

  1. People manner.Who is its author, it is now difficult to say.But, as they say it is very accurate.To do this you need to know the sex of the child, because the formula is directly dependent on this.To learn
    • growth son, you need to sum up figures of father and mother (in centimeters), and multiply this figure by 0.54, then subtract 4.5 from it.To learn
    • growth daughter, just Priplyusuet growth mother and father.But the result must be multiplied by 0.51 and the number of resulting otminusovat 7.5.
  2. method Hawker.This doctor believes that the calculations just need to know the sex of the child and the growth of their parents.
    • Boy: the growth of mother and father in centimeters summed and then divided in half and added thereto 6.4.
    • Girl: The procedure remains the same, only at the end do not need to add on and take 6.4.
  3. Several formulas to help calculate the child

  4. Formula Karkusov doctor.This doctor from Czechoslovakia developed a method of calculating the child's growth during the Soviet era.
    • Son: growth father and mother plus, and then multiplied by 1.08, and the resulting sum is divided into two
    • Daughter: Father's growth in centimeters multiply by 0.923.Then we add the mother figure and divide that number in half.
  5. method Gorbunova and Smirnova.The formula is a little similar to the one developed Hawker, with the only difference that the final result may vary by eight centimeters in either direction.
    • Boy: a sum of the mom and dad have to add 12.5 and divide that number by two.
    • Girl: The calculation procedure is the same, only the number 12.5 should not be added, and to take away.
  6. final growth of the child.This formula is based on how many centimeters able to recruit kids to the age of one year.As a result, you get a figure that will show how much the baby will grow in the future.Boys should be added to the index of one hundred centimeters, and for girls - add on, and then take one hundred five.

The methodology that will help find the child

Causes of

Immediately it should warn you that all these ways to know the future growth based on the fact that the child will develop normally.Therefore, the final result can be regarded as a kind of reference, but there are several factors that can affect the growth of the baby.

  • Chronic constantly have a negative impact not human health.And for young children is a disaster, because the disease does not allow the body to grow and develop normally.
  • unbalanced diet.A child should receive a full range of vitamins and minerals, then it will grow properly.But not only the lack of it can lead to dysplasia.The same effect has an overabundance of vitamins.
  • Improper exercise.At an early age the child is very sensitive to any external aggressive factors.Therefore, lack of exercise, or, conversely, too intense exercise can lead to deviations.

We predict a child

parents is important to understand that the body is the baby is very fragile, and any interference directly affects its development.Therefore, be sure to listen to the advice of pediatrician regarding the supply, charging and operation to the baby.

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