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Dmitri Hvorostovsky is convinced in their victory over cancer

Dmitri Hvorostovsky will be treated by the British oncologists

Almost immediately, the network has information that the singer offered to help several charitable organizations, including the "Rusfond" in his time gathered more than 66 million rubles for the treatment of the singer JoanFriske.However, Dmitry refused the services of local oncologists and prefer to be treated abroad.

assistant the singer said that for the moment his family are fully secured and does not need financial aid.It is known that therapeutic treatment Hvorostovsky will be held at the London Clinic, and it currently is seen in personal doctor, constantly consults with British oncologists.Also addressed the issue and possible surgical treatment.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky commented on the news of his illness

The singer commented on the news of his illness with great restraint.Dmitry is full of optimism and hope for recovery.To keep fans worried about him, Hvorostovsky on his page on the social network succinctly wrote: "Everything wi

ll be fine!", Adding that control of the situation and immediately begins to therapeutic treatment.

Close baritone also noted his positive attitude, stating that he is fully confident in their abilities to fight serious illness.

latest news about the health of Dmitri Hvorostovsky indicate that the tumor had discovered at an early stage and the chances of a cure are very high safe.