Graduation class 4: Secrets of organization

script graduation class 4

solemn part of the discharge takes place in the school.Hall for the holiday is to be decorated with colorful balloons, flowers, colorful posters and children's drawings.We offer the following scenario:

  • ceremonial greeting teachers
  • Speech children
  • Congratulations parents, administration
  • Disco (contests, quizzes)
  • tea and sweet table

Speech kids should be fun, music and unusual.It is not necessary to delay it too: it's tiring for both actors and spectators.

offer a few ideas:

  • "Fairy Ball".Heroes: lead, 2 Princess, clown, magician.Guests - the children come to the ball and greet queens.They give gifts: poems, songs and dances.Queen also prepared a surprise, but the magician has stolen the chest.To get the cherished prizes chetveroklashkam have to answer questions, solve riddles and solve examples.In the finals all receive their medals and the ball ends 4 waltz class.
  • musical creativity and children will enjoy a happy graduation concert.It begins with a song,
    the text can be found on the Internet

Then you can watch the presentation of the photographs (funny moments are matched).

Comic scene from a school life will continue our concert.

Individual congratulations to teachers and school staff in verse - it is boring, it is better to perform ditties.

Goodbye, our school!
Goodbye, our class!
teachers, our relatives,
Do not forget you're talking about us!

Completes Issue lyrical and touching song.

Calls for tender call desks,
laughter for a while silent.
teacher begins the lesson,
And everything seemed to freeze.
All the years we have learned to understand and difficult
and light objects.
teacher can not get tired.Notebooks
checks before dawn.
My good teacher, what are you silent.
Teardrop suddenly flashed in his eyes.You
world opened to us and where would we may live,
A school will always be in our hearts.

wishes to discharge in the 4th grade

Teachers, parents and the administration at this festive day not only want to congratulate the graduates, but to give them farewell before high school.To orations did not seem too boring, let them be in verse.Humor further enliven the atmosphere.For parents, we have prepared the following verses:

our children matured,
transition in fifth grade.We
them look younger,
Well, guys, good luck!
In response, teachers may read the following lines:
Do our hearts will not forget you ...
heart is now long for you to be ...
No longer will these students here ...
and shed tears, no words ...
We are now waiting for a new meeting ...
about you worry and worry ...
We will all cry for you every day ...
But soon learned ... Vodicka popem!

Competitions and gifts for graduation in the 4th grade

At the end of the official part of all graduates should receive gifts.Traditionally, this chocolate medals and diplomas.You can make a comic category, such as: "the most resourceful," "most active", "Conscience of a class" and reward each child.

If you want to make a memorable gift, make photo collages on which you can write greetings to classmates.Funny idea - T-shirts or mugs with funny prints.

useful gifts at the end of primary school will be books (encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries), board games, sports equipment (balls, and so on. N.), Bedside lamp, maps.

to children are not bored at prom, should consider interesting contests.Here are some of them:

  • dance to the prom.Children are divided into pairs, including the leading music and dancers must improvise.The audience will select the winners.
  • deceive.Like those who loved her to hang on the ears teachers.The team of 10 people, one of them sitting on a chair with a rope in his hands, the children take turns should namatat rope ear until it is over.
  • Geniuses.We make a puzzle of the map of Russia.Task teams it correctly glue tape.

mood at a children's party depends on the musical slprovozhdeniya.Make a selection of the songs on the school tunes from cartoons, fast dance composition.

Dance at the graduation from primary school, video

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