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Pugacheva will bring up the son of a drug addict nephew

Brother Alla Pugacheva

Not so long ago in the press actively discussed the topic of what the singer himself took the education of 4-year-old nephew Eugene.The reason is quite tragic: Vlad disabled, and Pugachev sent him to be treated in Israel.

Brother Alla Pugacheva - disabled

Vlad's wife, repeatedly convicted 39-year-old Victoria, was a drug addict and, miraculously surviving after an overdose, is now constantly under the supervision of doctors.By the way, a woman has a 17-year-old son.A young man brings the grandmother, as Victoria had been deprived of parental rights.

Nephew Pugacheva and his wife Victoria

With parental consent, Alla formalized guardianship of little Eugene.While his parents did not get on their feet, the boy will grow up in a family of singers.

Pugacheva nephew's wife wants to overcome drug addiction and regain his son

separated from her son, Victoria Pugacheva highly experienced that and the younger child may be deprived of its rights.The woman realizes that her coma after drug nobody entrust the upbringing of the baby.However, she regularly receives photos Eug

ene, calls up to him.Victoria realizes that her baby is much better to be under the tutelage of great-aunt.

Vick still hopes to overcome his addiction, claiming that he saw no point in living without the younger son.

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