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Jess - birth control pills with anti-androgenic effect

Jess tablets belong to a group of single-phase mikrodozirovannyh oral contraceptives.Due to drospirenone, a part of the drug, warns Jess edema and weight gain, premenstrual syndrome softens, reduces signs of oily hair / skin, acne (acne).Jess is no different estrogenic, androgenic, glucocorticoid activity, which provides drug similar to natural progesterone profile.

Jess: composition

  • active substances: drospirenone, ethinyl estradiol;
  • Excipients: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, talc.

Jess: instructions for use

contraceptive use every day, at certain times orally, washed down with a little water pill.A break in the reception is not valid, the standard scheme: 1 tablet every 24 hours for 28 days.Start receiving Jess follows on the first day of menstruation (menstrual bleeding).Allowed to move the reception on day 2-5 of menstruation when used with a barrier method of contraception during the first week of taking the pills.At delay in receiving

Jess at 12 protection is not reduced.If the delay was more than 12 hours, contraceptive protection begins to decrease.

basic rules:

  • Jess taking the drug should not be interrupted for more than 4 days;
  • for optimal ovarian suppression system requires continuous weeks of taking the pills.


  • prevention of unintended pregnancies;
  • treatment of acne vulgaris (purulent inflammation of the hair follicle / sebaceous gland);
  • treatment of severe premenstrual syndrome.


  • cerebrovascular disorders, thrombosis and embolism in history;
  • angina, transient ischemic attacks;
  • migraine with pronounced symptoms;
  • complications of diabetes;
  • heart valve pathology unit, arrhythmias, cerebrovascular disease, hypertension;
  • liver failure, liver tumors (malignant / benign);
  • pancreatitis, during lactation, pregnancy;
  • unexplained vaginal bleeding;
  • idiosyncrasy components tablets Jess.

Risk Factors:

  • herpes gestationis, jaundice, otosclerosis;
  • smoking, cerebrovascular accident;
  • extensive trauma, surgery;
  • phlebitis of superficial veins, lupus, ulcerative colitis;
  • obesity, heart rhythm failures, cholestasis.

Side effect:

  • pain in the breast;
  • nausea, irregular uterine bleeding nature;
  • venous / arterial thromboembolism;
  • erythema multiforme, migraine;
  • loss / decrease in libido;
  • depressed mood / depression, mood swings.

Jess: reviews and analogues

Jess tablets - oral contraceptive last generation, which has a minimum set of side effects, which leads to a mild impact on the woman's body.The drug is well tolerated and effective in suppressing ovulation, an order reduces the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.Repeated reception of toxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenic building for the reproductive system have been detected.Similar: Yarina, Dimia.

Positive feedback:

  • high contraceptive effect (98-99%);
  • normalizes the menstrual cycle: reduces the amount of bleeding, menstruation are harmless;
  • relieves menstrual discomfort;
  • improves the condition of nails, reduces the fat content of hair / skin, treats acne:
  • used for the prevention of ectopic pregnancy.


  • does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • provoking serious side effects, including arterial thromboembolism;
  • strict adherence to regimen;
  • want to receive during breastfeeding.

Jess: reviews of doctors

Gynecologists ascertain high contraceptive efficacy Jess tablets, which in addition to profile actions provide minimization of hormonal fluctuations, levels of PMS symptoms, treat acne.Against the background of the drug reduced weight, "leave" edema, improves lipid profile.Before the course you need a medical examination, inspection of the abdominal cavity, breast, cervix to detect possible contraindications.Experts recommend Jes pills as effective and safe oral contraceptive nulliparous girls, women of reproductive age until menopause.

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