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Psychics: Dmitry Shepelev marries singer

After the tragic death of brain cancer singer Zhanna Friske expanses of the Internet, in addition to the large number of condolence to relatives and friends of the performer, flooded a sea of ​​mud and lies.Mother Jeanne recognized that literally afraid to read news feeds on the Internet and watch TV.Most went to the civilian spouse Frisco, showman Dmitry Shepelev, who was accused of all mortal sins.

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

Dmitry tried a little visit to the public and did not take part in the concert dedicated to the memory of the prematurely departed singer.Shepelev gave only one interview, and even then, it literally forced to make excuses about why he was not present at the funeral, preferring this holiday in sunny Bulgaria.

Internet community to take wonder how life will develop further Dmitry.So far we only know that immediately after the funeral of his wife, Shepelev flew back to Bulgaria, the son of Plato.

Dmitry Shepelev with son

Dmitry Shepelev naprorochili passionate love

relationship between father and Dmitri Shepelev Joan Vlad

imir Borisovich far from ideal.Father Friske quite reserved in comments on the civilian husband deceased daughter, although it is recognized that Jeanne was happy with him.

Zhanna Friske and her husband

Vladimir Borisovich afraid that he could not see his grandson.Dmitri himself has openly declared that he intends to bring up her son alone, without interfering with the communication with his grandparents and an aunt.

members show "Battle of psychics," Dmitry naprorochili interesting future.Clairvoyants say that showman soon meet a new love, which is "well-known personality."A friend of Joan and Dmitry, shocking journalist Otar Kushanashvili, in this respect quite a different opinion:

«I'll eat Kusman soap the size of a fist Valuev and take to drink a pint of his donkey urine if Dima will converge once again with the singer.Why on earth?With Agurbash Nyushey, Lorac discourage Turk?Then we should talk about something else ... I am grateful for the DS that it vozvernul me faith in the magic of love.He showed and proved "clusters fooling around", which is now a record of what should be a real man.We wish him peace of mind. »

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