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Dried apples: benefit, harm, calorie

Use dried apples

obvious benefits of dried apples.By the number of beneficial vitamins and other trace elements are not much different from fresh fruits, except when drying is somewhat reduced amount of vitamin C. Otherwise, they have nothing to lose and keep the ideal number of members of the group of vitamin B, A, PP.We compiled a list summarizing the main differences from fresh apples.

  • Save.Perhaps the most important difference between the beauty of food.If properly stored the apple does not lose its taste for a long time, and keeps useful items.
  • digestibility.Dried apples are solely for the benefit of the body and is easily absorbed by the digestive system by providing us with the necessary materials, especially iron and magnesium.

    Features and benefits of dried apples.

  • product for almost everyone.Even people who can not afford to once again eat fresh apples or other fruits due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract can feel the benefit of dried apples, because they do not cause bloating and other complications.
  • Perfect for diet.Dried apples wonderful satisfy hunger and are relatively low in calories (compared with other dried fruits), but not suitable for frequent use.

The drying process of apples is very simple, and their use is invaluable.

Calorie dried apples and their composition

Drying decrease in fruit is achieved by reducing the water content.The result on the face - apple shrinks, it becomes dry and acquires a unique taste.The concentration of nutrients is increased 4 times.As a result, if 100 grams of fresh apple had 2 mg of vitamin A (for example), then 100 grams of dried apple be 8 mg.

The average calorie content of 100 grams of the product is about 200 kcal.The composition of dried fruit the following:

  • protein - about 2 grams;
  • carbohydrates - about 50 grams;
  • fats - 0.2 - 0.3 m.

Do not forget that in addition to the fats, proteins and carbohydrates present in the composition of magnesium, iron, tannins, various organic acids, including citric acid, pectin, and more.

The composition of dried apples, and their calorie content.

harm dried apples

«All too - bad."Harm and benefits of dried apples depend primarily on the amount that you eat.Know the measure, choose apples for cooking only without the harmful pesticides and treatment with paraffin and no harm will not cause you.

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