Ksenia Sobchak not satisfied with public queues at airports

should be noted that the TV presenter was scared at first - after all, she decided that the FSB general closed the border.Immediately in my head flashed Sobchak regret that at the time did not get a second citizenship.At home on the wall in the network Instagram Ksenia shared her fears with subscribers:

Unfortunately, the FSB closed the border "- said the good woman's voice at the airport.Heart sank, but my head flashed: "fool, fucking patriot, said smart people, get a second citizenship is too late."But abroad, thank God, so far only in the closed VIP-halls.

Despite the fact that the TV star was relieved to learn that her go abroad, it greatly angered the need to take now all the customs procedures in the general queue.

Xenia noted that it has long been accustomed to use a special commercial service, "VIP-pass" that exists at all airports in the world.For a certain amount of money employees meet customers directly at the ramp, make out their passport, carry luggage and carry-on luggage.According

to Xenia, it is very convenient for those in a hurry.

Now the journalist is indignant that the VIPs are not only deprived of comfort, but also ruined someone's business to provide services.Sobchak can not understand - why for their own money, she can not travel comfortably.

Subscribers Ksenia Sobchak initiated a discussion on her page

Traditionally, opinion was divided Xenia subscribers.Some supported journalist, arguing that for the money it is entitled to some privileges, and some considered that nothing terrible will happen with the stars, if they become closer to the people.

It is said that foreign celebrities are more tolerant to the appearance of the common areas of airports.Recently, at the airport in Los Angeles great family of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt traveled to Paris in the field of economy class, and even earlier British Princes William and Harry went to the wedding of his friend in the economy class.