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Stylish baby: fashionable clothes for newborns

Fashion Infant

Moms have long ceased to dress your children according to the principle: boys - blue, for girls - pink.In the wardrobe of little princesses were a combination of black and white, white and light gray with blue, yellow and red elements.Such a variety of outfits emphasize romance and playfulness baby.

When choosing clothes for young gentlemen pay attention to colors like beige, gray and various shades of green.

A variety of costumes with funny ears small animals exactly will impress you and your crumbs.

stylish addition to the way kids can become booties resembling real shoes.

Modern moms are paying great attention to the appearance of their babies.They dress the children not only beautiful, but also exquisite.Light airy dresses with ruffles for girls and stylized tuxedo bodysuit for a boy - a trend this year.Elegant children's dresses are represented in many collections.

Baby Clothing from famous fashion houses

famous designers have long produced a special c

ollection for kids.Dior, for example, prefer a low-key classics.

A version GANT this season, more than ever, relevant delicate marine colors and striped shirts.

Prints with flowers, fish, butterflies, lions and other baby animals probably never go out of children's fashion.These dresses can be found in the collections of Benetton.

This motherhood anthem was sung in the spring fashion house Dolce & amp;Gabbana.At the Milan Fashion Week was enchanting show called Viva la Mamma.Some models took to the catwalk with babies in branded clothing.

the first place health!

Fashion fashion, but do not forget about the health of the newborn.Substandard materials may cause skin irritation kid, cause allergies, so when choosing clothes for the child should pay attention to the composition of tissues.All self-respecting manufacturers use for sewing body, sliders and raspashonok 100% cotton.Avoid buying things for your child, which is easily torn stickers and roughly sewn stripes, they can scratch the delicate skin.Choose clothes on the buttons, including between the legs: to dress as a baby or change a diaper it will be much easier.Caring about the style of his child, do not forget about his comfort.

Comfort, safety and ergonomics are the main criteria in the selection of clothing for newborns.This principle is shared by modern designers, so dress your child fashionable and stylish today for anyone in the cellar.