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Ukraine fills up a "black list" of Russian stars

The document included 568 people, of which it is necessary "to protect Ukraine's information space."The activists were demanding to forbid any broadcast of songs, pictures, programs and other content, where there are persons mentioned in the list.

activists involved in its black list not only those who signed in March 2014 an open letter to the Russian president with the support of its position in Ukraine and Crimea.The list of "unwanted" includes those who lit up at the concert dedicated to the anniversary of joining of Crimea to Russia, and even those who considered Ukrainians and one Russian narodom.Bukvalno next to each name is the explanation than not hit the Ukraine or that figure.Based on work done to collect "compromising" the activists took a lot of time and effort.

Ivan Urgant was blacklisted as a joke in 2013

Who would have thought that the popular TV presenter Ivan Urgant will remember it a cruel joke, uttered in one of the editions of "Relish" in April 2013, when about any Independen

ce noneI was in charge.Despite the fact that the actor had not signed an open letter to Putin, as a joke soon apologized, chopping the air with green Vanya remembered.The list indicated that during the transfer in 2013 on the first channel Urgant said: "I chopped herbs like red Commissioner residents of the Ukrainian village."

Guest transfer, director and actor Alexander Adabashyan, played up the lead, and brushing knife, said that shakes off the remnants of the inhabitants.Now director blacklisted along with the leading and Ukrainian audience, apparently, no longer see the legendary "Hound of the Baskervilles", where Adabashyan beautifully played by Barrymore.

Boris Grebenshchikov will not come to Ukraine

Nobody expected that the great guru of Russian rock Boris Grebenshchikov, preferring all the time to keep neutrality and not to make loud statements against Ukraine, too, was on the list of those who represent a threat toSquare.

Zealous activists eagerly embraced the phrase Russian rock legends about the equality of the two peoples.In one interview BG said the following:

This is one nation, just speak a different language.& Lt; ... & gt;I've never seen any evidence that they are different, even when they tried to speak Ukrainian.

The new list included not only Russian stars, among them Larisa Dolina, and Diana Arbenina, and Denis Matsuev and Valery Sjutkin and Dmitry Kharatyan and Lyudmila Senchina and Elina Bystritskaya and Boris Grachevsky (oh, good-bye, "Jumble"!), and Mikhail Boyarsky. ... However, it is easier, perhaps, to list those who do not hit the list, which activists promise regularly updated with new names.Along with the Russian black list decorated with Gerard Depardieu, Steven Seagal, Goran Bregovic.

If you submit a list of Ukrainian officials approve, the Ukrainians will no longer be able to watch your favorite pictures such as "We Are from Jazz", "Love and Pigeons", "Assa", "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears""Native", "Azazel", "Slave of Love" and thousands of other fine films ...